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Reliability, functional design and ease of use. These characteristics are typical of Aristarco washing machines, which are ideal for washing pots, pans, baskets and large dishes, while ensuring high performance and absolute reliability. The dishwashers of the AF, AS, AL, AH, AR, AU series, made entirely of stainless steel, are equipped with a double-walled insulated housing, which makes them extremely quiet and thermally insulated. The ease of electromechanical control, as well as the offer of entry, is ensured by fully programmable electronic versions. The latter can also be equipped with a PRS system (atmospheric boiler + separating tank) and an ES system (energy recovery unit. Rinsing tank, fully rounded corners.

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Dishwasher AF 40.30 DDE Aristarco

In the kitchen of any catering establishment, it would be appropriate to have a front-loading dishwa..
1,532.00 €
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Dishwasher AH 800 DDE Aristarco

A domed dishwasher is a must have in any restaurant kitchen. It has a built-in electric detergent di..
2,955.00 €
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Dishwasher Aristarco AF 50.35 M DDE with front loading

Dishwasher Aristarco AF 50.35 M DDE with front loading. Integrated electric rinse aid and detergent ..
1,649.00 €
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Ice maker Aristarco CP 20.6 A

For professional ice making, you can use the Aristarco CP 20.6 A ice maker, which has a well-deserve..
799.00 €
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Ice maker CP 25.6 А Aristarco

Ice cube maker Aristarco CP 25.6 A Dimensions (WxDxH): 365x495x600 mm. Productivity per day 25 kg up..
856.00 €
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Ice maker CP 30.10 A Aristarco

The modern Aristarco CP 30.10 A ice maker is a practical solution for those who want to get ice with..
989.00 €
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Ice maker CP 50.25 A Aristarco

If you are looking for a quality ice maker, then this model is exactly what you need. Despite its pe..
1,175.00 €