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Heated chafindish Altezoro FI102

Chafindish Altezoro FI102 for 2 round containers is designed for heating and maintaining the tempera..
123.00 €
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Heated chafindish Altezoro FI701

Chafindish Altezoro FI701 for the 1st container GN 1/2 h100 mm is designed for heating and maintaini..
65.00 €

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Chafindish electric, buy to a restaurant or cafe

Today, you can buy a number of different lamps, units and equipment for professional use in restaurants, bars, cafes and eateries in our store, which are often used in the preparation of banquets, receptions, business lunches and various celebrations.

Along all these devices and equipment, there is a separate chafindish, which is installed directly on the table and is an aesthetically attractive, often polished device with a metal or plastic lid, which has special heaters or helium burners that allow you to heat food and then maintain it for a long time. at a given temperature.

Chafindish for heating can have a round, square or rectangular shape, as well as one or two containers, most often made of stainless steel. It can have metal legs (often foldable) or a solid flat base.

Important characteristics are volume, overall dimensions, weight, number of containers. The capacity of one container can be, for example, 4 or 5 liters, but the choice depends on the given volumes of products that you plan to heat. Chafindish electric has a convenient temperature control panel, connects to a 220 V mains.

By purchasing chafindish in our store, you will be able to heat the second or first course to the desired temperature even in traveling conditions. In this case, the chafindish serves as an electric thermos.

In our store you can buy chafindish at factory prices quickly, even without leaving the office. You can pick up selected products directly from the warehouse if you are in Kharkov or Kiev. In addition, the purchase of a selected product can be made in any location, be it Košice, Bratislava and Prague.

In the online store "European Equipment Technologies" you will find a wide range of equipment for restaurants in stock and at affordable prices. Delivery in Košice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.