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Are you in search of a professional planetary mixer that can help you prepare delicate dough, beat egg whites, whip cream, mayonnaise, and other ingredients? Look no further than our Profi Altezoro XVFM7B – a powerful mixer that will meet all your needs.

With a 6.9-liter bowl capacity, you'll have plenty of space to prepare larger quantities of ingredients at once. With 11 speeds and a range of 75 to 660 rotations per minute, you can adjust the mixing speed to meet your needs perfectly. The mixer has a power output of 0.28 kW and operates at 230 V. Its dimensions are 410 x 240 x 425 mm (W x H x D), and it weighs 15 kg.

The basic package includes a whisk, a dough hook, a beater, and a stainless-steel bowl, allowing you to use the mixer right out of the box. For your peace of mind, our mixer is CE certified, ensuring quality and safety.

Our equipment is designed for professional kitchens in restaurants and other establishments where fast and reliable ingredient preparation is crucial. Trust in our quality and start taking advantage of the benefits of our Profi Altezoro XVFM7B today!

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