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The Italian company Tecnoeka is a major manufacturer of high-quality professional industrial and domestic kitchen equipment, whose products are known under the EKA trademark. The company manufactures a wide range of models of ovens, proofers, stoves and other heating equipment for restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, bakeries, confectioneries and other catering establishments.

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Convection oven Tecnoeka EKF 464 UD

The convection oven Tecnoeka EKF 464 UD is designed for baking confectionery and bakery products at ..
1,723.00 €
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Convection oven Tecnoeka MKF 1064 S

The steam convection oven Tecnoeka MKF 1064 S is an electric oven for 10 levels with a size of 600x4..
4,280.00 €
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Proofing cabinet EKL 823 Tecnoeka

The proofing chamber from the Italian manufacturer Tecnoeka model KL823 is designed for proofing pro..
475.00 €