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Shawarma machine FJYQR-E34/3 (doner kebab) Altezoro

Altezoro FJYQR-E34/3 gas shawarma cooker (doner kebab) with a maximum meat load of 15 kg, makes it p..
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Apparatus for making shawarma from the manufacturer

 If you decide to start your own small business, then today there is nothing more pleasant, easier and more promising than making shawarma and then selling it. This delicious instant product is very popular, is always desired and in demand, is in great demand, especially if the outlet is located in crowded places (at airports, train stations, markets) or shawarma equipment is installed directly in places of work, study or recreation for a large number of people.

 The technology of preparing shawarma in front of the consumer, who feels able to control the entire process, is attractive in itself, in addition, many people like the opportunity to consume the finished product on the go without wasting time in a cafe or canteen.

 You can purchase a shawarma machine from AlteZoro in our store, which will allow you to get quite a significant profit with it so that your small business can grow and develop in the future. We suggest you purchase a fairly economical shawarma grill equipped with a highly efficient infrared heater.

This equipment allows you to work autonomously, for example, in street trading places. Manual control - with the help of a special drive for rotating the skewer, you can control the process, change the intensity of heating from different sides.

 If you wish, you can buy a shawarma machine from us, which has the dimensions you need, for example 550 * 650 * 1040 mm, allows you to load a certain number of kilograms of thinly sliced ​​\u200b\u200bmeat, which is then slowly fried thanks to built-in electric heaters.

If you buy shawarma equipment with an electrical connection, then pay attention not only to capacity, but also to its power. It is also important to know how comfortable and easy the grill is to use, how many removable skewers it has, how easy it is to clean and wash.

 You can buy a shawarma grill from us, which is made in accordance with all the requirements that apply to professional equipment.

How to choose and buy equipment for shawarma?

You can buy shawarma equipment for street trading. This is a great chance to succeed quickly for those who, in the autumn, winter or spring, decided to start a business that is associated with the sale of shawarma.

It is during such periods that shawarma is in special demand, which means that if you manage to buy a shawarma grill on time, you can make a profit in the shortest possible time. Thus, all equipment costs will quickly pay off, and your business can be strengthened and expanded.

 Often, owners of fast food establishments use a contact grill to fry shawarma, which allows you to cook meat by pressing it between two frying surfaces. If you decide to buy a shawarma pressure grill, then our managers will help you choose the right option.

The frying surfaces of such a grill can be flat or corrugated, usually made of cast iron, and the body and lid are made of durable stainless steel, which is used in food production. If you need to buy equipment for making shawarma of just such a plan, then select it in accordance with the overall dimensions and dimensions of the working surface you need.

Also, note that they differ in weight, operating temperature range, and power consumption.

 If you need to buy a shawarma installation in the form of a cabinet with a skewer on which cold cuts rotate, then you need to decide which one - a gas or electric device you would like to purchase. In addition, they differ not only depending on the method of obtaining energy, but also in their capacity.

If you need to buy an electric shawarma grill, then pay attention to its power, quality and quantity of built-in electric heaters, supply voltage, performance, product capacity (number of kilograms of meat) and the quality of body elements.

It is also important to know whether the motor is used for rotation as a drive or the rotation of the skewer is provided only manually. For those who decide to buy a gas grill for shawarma, in addition to all the main characteristics described above (dimensions, capacity, power, performance, weight), you also need to know what kind of gas is used, its consumption, and the number of gas burners.