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Tureen electric Altezoro 51677-G(7QT)

The high-quality and durable electric tureen Altezoro 51677-G(7QT) will be a major improvement for a..
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Electric tureen from the manufacturer for restaurants and cafes

 It is no secret that today in a restaurant, cafe, canteen - in any professional kitchen, an electric tureen is most often used for preparing first courses - reliable equipment that has proven itself and is very convenient to use. With the help of this professional equipment you can prepare a great variety of different types of soups (for example, the most common vegetable, meat, fish, mushroom, cereal, dairy soups).

First of all, such food warmers for first courses as a tureen are used for preparing hot soups, as well as for maintaining their optimal serving temperature for a long time. For example, if your kitchen workers in a professional kitchen often prepare such soups as shurpa, pickle, hodgepodge, which are usually served hot, then you simply need a food warmer tureen.

Such equipment can be used in food shops and small-sized kitchens - wherever there is a need to use modern, compact kitchen equipment with an electrical connection. Also, you can use this food warmer where there is no possibility to conduct and connect gas. A heated tureen can have a desktop version, if its volumes are not large, or be installed permanently, which is typical for food warmers of large volumes and dimensions.

For example, a desktop tureen with a working volume of about 10 liters can have dimensions of 345 * 345 * 390 mm. You can purchase a small tureen with a volume of about 5 liters, or, conversely, large volumes - it all depends on the current and planned needs of your cafe or restaurant in preparing first courses, the frequency of orders, the size of the flow of visitors, etc. In our store you can purchase durable and reliable equipment - stainless steel tureen from AlteZoro.

How to choose a tureen and buy in our online store?

 If you decide to buy a tureen to meet the needs of your professional kitchen workshop, then in our store you can buy what you need. We have a number of models of this equipment, which have the greatest demand and the most popular working volumes. By purchasing tureens in the online store, you can use them to prepare first courses for banquets and corporate parties, arrange a New Year's celebration in your cafe or restaurant and get a lot of profit.

At the same time, the establishment will become more and more recognizable and popular. If you want to be successful and delight visitors with soups that are inherent not only in Slavic, but also in Western European, Central Asian and Transcaucasian cuisines, which are often in demand, then do not spare some of your finances and allow yourself to buy a tureen.

This successful investment will pay off handsomely, because with the help of a soup tureen you can cook mashed soups, transparent, thickened, combined, dressing soups, as well as sweet ones. Regular visitors to your restaurant or cafe will be delighted with the variety of the first course menu, and those who have visited you for the first time will certainly want to visit this establishment again.

 When choosing, pay attention to the volume, weight and power that the tureen has, the price of which may vary depending on these technical parameters. Also of no small importance is the manufacturer, which has positively established itself in the market of professional kitchen equipment.

For example, you can purchase high-quality kitchen equipment from us from the Chinese manufacturer AlteZoro, whose products are in demand due to their reliability, performance, quality of materials and parts, the absence of marriage and compliance with all environmental and physical safety requirements when working with them.

In the online store "Altezoro" you will find a wide range of equipment for restaurants in stock and at affordable prices. Delivery in Kosice, Prague and other cities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.