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Proofing cabinet EKL 823 Tecnoeka

The proofing chamber from the Italian manufacturer Tecnoeka model KL823 is designed for proofing pro..
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 If you are going to open or already have your own bakery, then the question of where to buy bread proofers is probably relevant for you. We are ready to provide you with our services and thereby help to reduce the time spent searching for the necessary professional equipment.

Delicious and airy baking is not only careful compliance with the proportions of the recipe, but also the opportunity to create ideal conditions for the dough before and during baking. To give the yeast dough time to rise, you can buy a proofer. This machine is designed for preliminary placement of bakery products for proofing. Inside the chamber, the optimum temperature and humidity are achieved, which has a positive effect on the test.

Inside the cabinet, the dough “rests” - its structure is restored, carbon dioxide is released, causing loosening. If you are planning to buy a proofer, then regardless of the model you choose, you will receive a device of a similar design:

closet; Control Panel; doors; shelves; baths.

Proving cabinets are produced according to a similar principle, because their main function does not change with the development of technology. The most important thing is the ability of the equipment to provide the desired temperature and humidity. Typically, a mechanical or electronic control panel is used to set these indicators. It is enough to buy a proofer to provide your kitchen with the perfect dough, save staff time and speed up production!


Prover brief description, area of ​​application

 The proofer is designed for preliminary and final proofing of dough - processes that allow achieving the highest quality of manufactured products and the most attractive appearance.

In the process of preparing for baking, the dough goes through the procedures of dividing into portions and rounding, as a result of which unnecessary internal stress arises, the gluten framework is partially destroyed. If such a dough is formed, it will not be elastic enough. That is why, before the shaping stage, the dough is placed in a pre-proofing cabinet.

While the dough is in the proofer, the gluten framework is restored, stress is relieved. The result of proofing will also be an increase in the volume of finished products, their loosening, and an improvement in the structure of the crumb. And some drying of the dough, which occurs during proofing, increases its gas-holding capacity and prevents sticking to tools.

The final proofer maintains a high level of humidity to prevent breaks and cracks in the dough during baking.

An essential component in any bakery, the baker's proofers are specially designed to provide the perfect environment for bakers to produce the best possible breads, donuts and croissants. Proving is the last step in preparing the dough before baking, when you allow it to rise as a result of the fermentation of the yeast. Because dough rises best in a warm, humid environment, a commercial proofer will allow you to set the ideal temperature and humidity levels for consistent, reproducible results.

Yeast cells die at 60 degrees Celsius and grow significantly less below 20 degrees Celsius. So while the ideal proofing temperature will vary from product to product, a proofing cabinet will typically allow for temperature control in the range of 21-46 degrees Celsius.

What should be considered when planning to buy a proofing cabinet?

Size: Provers are available in a variety of sizes, giving you the capacity you need in the space you have.

Capacity: They are priced by the number of molds they can hold, but pay close attention to the specification because the type and size of the molds can vary. Some refer to baking sheets, and some refer to different depths.

Interior Configuration: The interior of the cabinet determines what size and shape of container you can use, as well as how you can load them.

Style: Standard drawer proofers are part of most operations as they can be mounted against a wall to save valuable movement area in the kitchen.

Door type: Models with solid doors create minimal ambient heat and are incredibly energy efficient, while models with transparent doors make it easy to see the contents of the unit without opening the door.

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Properly selected professional equipment has the best effect on the quality of the preparation of a particular product. If you want to buy a proofing cabinet in Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia, then it is we who can help you realize your plan.

Our store has everything that may be necessary and useful in a professional kitchen. A huge selection of high-quality equipment in our catalog makes it possible for anyone who wishes to buy a proofing cabinet of the model that is most preferable.

This can be, for example, equipment whose body structure is made of prefabricated aluminum profiles or stainless steel, and also equipped with special insulating materials. Currently, we have the opportunity to buy a proofing cabinet, which is completely autonomous and can be located anywhere in the room - in any place convenient for you.

When choosing, pay attention to the equipment of the control panel, its functional features, the capabilities of all the regulators, switches and switches you need.

 In our store for a proofing cabinet, the price is quite attractive for any buyer, and all because we offer you to purchase goods at the manufacturer's price.

If at this time you have the necessary amount and you need high-quality equipment from leading European manufacturers, then call our managers right now, who will be able to tell you in detail about the possibilities and advantages of buying from us.

You can place an order quickly online, without even leaving the room where you are. You just need to choose the unit you like in our catalog, make sure that all the parameters of the model and its characteristics correspond to your wishes and decide on the number of units.

In the product card next to the “add to cart” button, the price for the proofer is indicated in UAH. You can set the number of units at a given price by clicking on the "-" or "+" sign. Add the selected products to the cart and then wait for our managers to call the phone number specified during registration.

In the Altezoro online store you will find a wide range of restaurant equipment in stock and at affordable prices. Delivery in Kosice, Bratislava, Prague and other cities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

If you are thinking about opening your own bakery or you already have one, then you need to take care to equip it with high-quality equipment that would allow you to cook delicious and tender pastries. To do this, you will need a device such as a proofer, which will help optimize the workflow in the kitchen, and will please with its functionality.

Every experienced cook knows that in order to get delicious pastries, it will not be enough just to follow the proportions of the ingredients in the recipe, since in order to obtain the desired result, you will need to create suitable conditions for the test. It is for this reason that you need to buy a proofer that is designed to let the dough rise.

By placing the dough in this equipment, it will be able to “rest”, restore its structure, release carbon dioxide, thereby creating a loosening process. All models of equipment are produced according to a universal standard, since regardless of their structure, their main function remains the same. The main essence of such equipment is to provide a suitable temperature and optimal humidity.

Therefore, as a conclusion, it can be understood that such equipment as a proofer is necessary in order to carry out preliminary and final proofing of the dough, that is, to carry out all the processes that are necessary in order to achieve good quality products and give them attractive appearance.

Where can you buy equipment?

A huge variety of such equipment is widely available, therefore, making your choice may not be as easy as it seems at first glance. Therefore, if you want to choose high-quality and modern equipment, then you can turn your attention to a wide range of products, which is available in our online store. We work directly with well-known manufacturers, so we can guarantee the impeccable quality of the goods we offer.

If you need help in purchasing or choosing a proofing cabinet, then you can contact our specialists who will answer all your questions and help you with the choice. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity not only to purchase high-quality and professional equipment, but also to please your visitors with delicious pastries.