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Convection oven Tecnoeka EKF 464 UD

The convection oven Tecnoeka EKF 464 UD is designed for baking confectionery and bakery products at ..
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Convection oven Tecnoeka MKF 1064 S

The steam convection oven Tecnoeka MKF 1064 S is an electric oven with 10 levels with a size of 600x..
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Professional convection oven for baking, options and technical features

If you are looking for an answer to the question of what a convection oven is, then, in a simple way, it can be described as similar to a device familiar to everyone, however, having a fan and an exhaust system, which is not in a conventional oven. A fan and extractor fan help blow hot air into and around the oven and then exhaust it back out. As a result, the food is surrounded by this hot air so that it cooks evenly and faster.

A great way to describe it is with this comparison: “To understand this, think of the wind: when cold air blows on you on a stormy winter day, you feel cold more quickly than on a calm day at the same temperature”; the same applies to heat and convection cooking when you turn on the settings and activate the fan.

Why use convection ovens?

They cook food faster: Because the hot air blows directly onto the food instead of just surrounding it, food cooks about 25 percent faster in a convection oven.

Cooking is more even: conventional ovens can have hot spots depending on where the heating element is, but a fan in a convection oven will circulate air to even out temperature fluctuations, making it feel like a professional baking oven.

It's better to brown: the air in a conventional oven can get a little damp because the moisture can't get out. Convection creates a dry atmosphere that speeds up the caramelization of the sugar when fried, so foods like meat and vegetables turn browner but the inside remains moist.

Saves energy: Since food cooks faster in a convection oven and generally at a lower temperature, it is slightly more energy efficient than a conventional oven.

If you are the owner of a bakery, restaurant, cafe, confectionery or bakery, then you will certainly be interested in the professional convection ovens presented in our catalog, which can change the level of production quality, as well as the quality of products.

We invite you to consider options for ovens manufactured by various companies that have many years of experience in the production of professional equipment and have proven themselves from the best side.

If you want to buy a convection oven for baking, then pay attention to the well-known brands of Italian manufacturers who have proven the reliability of their equipment, its durability and high quality characteristics.

In particular, you may be interested in Tecnoeka equipment, or the Unox convection oven. Buying from us professional equipment of these companies that specialize in the production of industrial and domestic kitchen equipment, you are guaranteed to purchase high-class equipment.

For many buyers, technical features such as a strong, stable stainless steel housing that a quality convection oven should have, the availability of all standard cooking modes such as steam, convection and mixed mode, the ability to conveniently select the programs necessary for daily work and simplicity are important to many buyers. setting the temperature required for cooking products.

In our store you will find the highest quality and affordable convection ovens Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia.

Buy right now at the manufacturer's price, without leaving your office, universal professional equipment of the size, power, capacity you need for making fish, meat, vegetable dishes and baking.

You can buy certified equipment from us, which will not cause trouble in the future due to a sudden breakdown or malfunction. The convection oven purchased from us will serve you for a long time, helping to increase the productivity of your restaurant, cafe or pizzeria.

The main criteria for choosing a convection oven for production

If you need to buy a convection oven with certain characteristics and parameters, then you can do it quickly and without any worries by contacting us.

We will help you choose a furnace for your production according to the specified criteria, and our specialists will be able to give recommendations if you have not yet made a final choice.

We will help you choose and buy a large, medium or small Unox convection oven, depending on the needs of your company.

Our managers will offer you a choice of various models, both with a mechanical and electronic control panel.

It is very important to know what kind of equipment a convection oven has, the price of which can vary significantly depending on these data.

For example, the oven you choose may have a Dry Maxi forced ventilation system that reduces the humidity inside the chamber, or have an Air Maxi system to optimize air circulation inside it.

In addition, the convection oven can be equipped with a system for quickly saturating the chamber with steam, as well as an automatic washing system. All this can significantly affect the quality of personnel work, speed up and facilitate the implementation of a large part of the operations.

This will ultimately affect productivity, increase labor efficiency, and increase the percentage of profits.

Please note that the convection oven you are going to buy has a certain power, weight, dimensions and capacity.

It can hold a number of standard size trays. For example, it can be 4 baking sheets 425 * 345 mm, 400 * 600 mm in size.

The convection oven you have chosen may have a programming panel, about 99 different programs, a special timer, with which you can set the temperature range and set the period of time required for baking products.

The maximum temperature limit may vary depending on the model. In addition, fire-resistant double glazing, halogen lighting, a door lock made of high-strength polymer materials can have a convection oven, which you can buy from us at an attractive price.

In the online store "Altezoro" you will find a wide range of equipment for restaurants in stock and at affordable prices.

Our offices and centralized warehouses with equipment are constantly working in Kosice.

A convection oven is an indispensable tool in any kitchen. This equipment allows you to prepare meals in the shortest possible time. The big advantage of using such an oven is that during cooking, the dishes do not lose their useful properties, which is extremely important. All dishes are obtained with an appetizing ruddy crust. In addition, all models of equipment have a minimum power consumption, which allows you to save. You can buy a convection oven at an affordable price in our online store.

Before choosing the model you need, it is worth remembering that all equipment has its own functionality and its own operating features, so you need to be careful not to miscalculate with your choice. To quickly find the model of equipment you need, you can use the catalog or the search bar. If you need advice, you can get answers to all your questions from our consultants. If you have been thinking about where to buy quality equipment at an affordable price, now you know the answer to your question. Choose a convection oven from us and do not doubt its quality.