Equipment for packing
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Equipment for packing

Vacuum sealer from leading brands

If you want to purchase a vacuum sealer from us, our company can provide you with a wide range of options. Before buying equipment, calculate what the performance of the unit you need should be. We can provide you with a choice of units with a capacity of 4 to 25 cubic meters per hour.

If you are buying a vacuum sealer for your home, then in this case the high performance of the packer is not so important, and you can purchase equipment with a capacity of 4, 5, 8 cubic meters per hour. However, when it comes to buying professional equipment for supermarkets and grocery stores, then you should look for higher performance numbers than when you buy a household vacuum sealer.

Choose such a unit, the productivity of which reaches 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 cubic meters per hour. With large volumes of products, it will not be superfluous to purchase a packer that would have two vacuum chambers at once. Thanks to this, you will significantly speed up the entire technological process. Also, when choosing a unit, pay attention to the fame and prestige of a particular brand and the reviews of those who have already used this equipment, tested it in practice.

For example, in our store you can buy a vacuum sealer for products from such manufacturers as Lavezini, ALTEZORO (Turkey), Italdibipack, Turbovac. This equipment from European manufacturers (Italy, Holland) has already won the sympathy of millions of users around the world and is currently successfully conquering the Slovensko market.

Surely, you only need a high-quality and reliable vacuum food sealer from leading brands, which we offer to purchase from us today.

 Packaging equipment scope

 Our catalog contains various types of vacuum packaging machines. Food products are packed in two types of packages - hard and soft, which differ from each other in the density of the film used for packaging. Soft packaging is used for pieces weighing up to 7 kg, as well as for small products that do not require shape retention. Rigid packaging is designed for products where shape retention is important.

Both of these types of packaging can be carried out by a vacuum packaging machine. There are many types of packaging machines - with one welding and cutting unit, with two units, with two vacuum chambers, etc. They can be automatic or operate manually. In automatic machines, the operator only puts the products to be packed on the receiving table, selects the required mode, and then takes the finished packages from the table. With manual control, the operator manually performs the procedures for vacuuming, sealing, cutting off excess film, etc.

Our vacuum sealer buying guide will help you find out everything you need to know before you buy your own vacuum packaging equipment. As you probably know, the principle of operation of this device is that a product is placed in it, which was placed in a special bag for vacuuming, and sucks out all excess air from it. When air is removed, food lasts longer and does not decompose as quickly. If you seal the meat in a vacuum before you freeze it, you reduce the moisture in the package and the chance of burns in the freezer that damage the meat. Using packaging equipment, you can save money and keep the taste of food longer; Another key application of vacuum sealing is in Sous Vide cooking technology.

What types of products can be vacuum sealed?

You can buy vacuum sealing equipment for almost any type of food, with a few exceptions. Vacuum sealing works well on any type of fish, beef, chicken, or other meat. You can vacuum seal almost any type of fruit or vegetable, with the exception of cruciferous vegetables, which include arugula, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, horseradish, mustard, radish, swede, turnip, and watercress. You should also avoid vacuum sealing mushrooms, garlic, and soft cheeses such as blue cheese. You must be careful when sealing delicate foods such as lettuce, potato chips and soft bread as the vacuum sealer can easily crush these foods.

Vacuum sealer manufacturer price

As soon as you purposefully set up to buy a vacuum sealer, try to immediately consider what its overall dimensions, weight, size of the chamber for vacuuming, power, performance should be. You will also need to determine the required length of the seam of the unit.

The fact is that for different models of packers, the length of the seam can vary within different limits. In our store you can buy completely different vacuum sealers for the home, for example, the seam length of which is from 250 mm to 500 mm. All of them operate from a 220V network and have a power of 0.35 kW to 0.7 kW.

If you need a small-sized, fairly light unit, the performance of which does not play a special role for you, then we can advise you to choose from us units weighing 32-36 kg with a capacity of 4-8 cubic meters per hour, the dimensions of which are within 320 * 390 * 400 and 375*485*370.

Of course, if you want o purchase a large vacuum sealer, the price will be higher. Brand awareness can affect value to some extent. You can compare one unit against another with similar parameters, but related to different brands.

In any case, you will buy a vacuum sealer from us at the manufacturer's price, and you will receive a quality product that will serve you for a long time, proving its high reliability in operation. You can arrange the price on the site in descending or ascending order, for this there is a special option in the upper right corner of this particular section. To view all the parameters and characteristics of the unit you have chosen, click on the “more details” button.

Now, in order to buy a vacuum sealer in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, special energy and time costs are not required - just register on the site, select a product from the catalog and send it to the basket. Our managers will contact you and clarify the necessary details regarding the delivery of the goods. So make your choice right now.