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Pizza press Mecnosud PF33

Equipment for making pizza in our country appeared a long time ago, but the Mecnosud PF33 pizza pres..
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Fast food restaurants, pizzerias are quite popular today, where you can have a quick bite during a break, arrange a halt when you are on the road for a long time, go with a friend for a beer and discuss an urgent matter. Of course, most often pizza is ordered in such restaurants, so it is a must to install a pizza press and all related equipment in the kitchens of these establishments.

For canteens, cafes and bars, such a unit is quite appropriate, it will bring the owner additional income and an influx of regular visitors. In addition, such a unit will also be of interest to the owners of bakery enterprises.

In this section of the site, we present to your attention pizza presses from well-known manufacturers of kitchen equipment. Pizza presses are presented by Mecnosud, and dough presses by Pizza Group. This technique from Italy will help you quickly and deftly form, as well as press the pizza crusts in the necessary way.

With minimal energy costs on your part, you can get the maximum income. Trust the above equipment manufacturers, then your dough pieces will be of the most optimal thickness and the required diameter with even, neat edges.

Made of stainless steel, this technique will serve you for many years and will allow you to make a profit. You will see that a string of buyers will be drawn to your establishment, the queue of visitors will grow every day, and the demand for manufactured products will increase.

Keep a pizza press on the counter in a restaurant, cafe, or pizzeria to roll out the dough in a circle. These presses will save you time because you don't have to roll out the dough by hand to stretch it. Simply load the bowls with the ball of dough and pull the lever down to level it. You can also find automatic presses that roll out the dough for you. If you need additional pizza making supplies, check out our commercial mixers, pizza cabinets and conveyor ovens. If you are wondering where to buy pizza presses, we have a large selection at the lowest prices. If you are wondering where to buy dough and dockers, we have a large selection of doughs and dockers for sale at the lowest prices.

Pizzerias and restaurants will be happy to have a pizza dough press because it will save staff time as they make pizzas of all sizes. These presses have round metal plates that compress the pizza dough balls, flattening them to the desired diameter. You can choose from the manual version with levers on top, or the automatic models that make the dough even faster. Both designs are simple in design, making them easy to operate.

With a pizza press, you don't have to roll or unroll the dough by hand, which saves you valuable cooking time. Your cakes will also be more consistent in thickness and diameter, making your suggestions more professional. Choose from a variety of press sizes to suit your small and large orders. These pizza presses are also adjustable, allowing you to change the thickness of the crusts, completely customizing them to your own needs.

Pizza press options

We can find the right equipment option for you, for example, if you need a pizza press to create cakes of a certain diameter.

Some pizzeria owners are interested in a unit that produces cakes that have a relatively small diameter - 30 cm, in which case a Pizza Group PF 30 press is suitable, others would like to purchase a unit that forms the volume of cakes with a larger diameter - 45 cm, for example, such as Pizza Group PF 45.

If you have a desire to buy a pizza press for the production of cakes of any intermediate diameter, then we have equipment options where the diameter of the cakes is 33, 36, 40 cm. The power of each of them will differ, growing exponentially. That is, the power of the Pizza Group PF 33 is about 3.6 kW / 380 W, but the Pizza Group PF 40 has a power of 5.55 kW / 380 W.

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