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Plate for pancakes KZ-HP-1

Featuring a cast iron baking surface with a non-stick surface of ø400 mm, this pancake plate ensures..
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Plate for pancakes KZ-HP-2

Upgrade your pancake game with the KZ-HP-2 plate for pancakes! This high-quality pancake plate is pe..
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Crepe maker buy

Looking for a professional and high-quality crepe maker in Kosice, Slovakia? Look no further than Altezoro, the leading manufacturer and retailer of electric crepe makers in the region. Our selection of crepe makers is made by various manufacturers, so you're sure to find the perfect unit for your restaurant, cafe, or canteen. Crepes are a popular and traditional dish that are loved by visitors, so having a crepe maker in your kitchen is a must if you want to stay competitive.

Our electric pancake makers are extremely convenient and easy to use. The control panel is clear and simple, with an on/off button and an indicator light. The temperature of the frying surface can be regulated with a knob. We offer crepe makers with a single- or double-operation, and the price will depend on the power, size, and quality of the frying surface, as well as the prestige of the manufacturer.

Not only is a crepe maker an essential tool for professionals, it is also perfect for pancake lovers who want to make delicious and ruddy pancakes quickly and easily. Our crepe makers come in a variety of sizes and can be made of cast iron or stainless steel. The number of recesses for pancakes is an important factor to consider, as it affects how many pancakes you can bake at once and the size of the crepe maker. Some models even have a replaceable baking surface for making pancakes of different diameters.

At Altezoro, we offer high-quality crepe makers at manufacturer's prices. Our equipment is made only by the best manufacturers, ensuring reliability, power, performance, and safety. We have a wide variety of models available, including two-station crepe makers that can double your productivity. Our units are mounted on stable and reliable legs, and the frying surface is sandblasted with special notches to prevent slipping.

Ordering a crepe maker from our online store is easy. Simply call the number listed on our website, and we'll be happy to help you choose the perfect unit for your needs. We offer crepe makers with frying surface sizes of 350-400mm made of cast iron, which conducts and retains heat perfectly. Don't wait any longer to add a professional crepe maker to your kitchen - order from Altezoro today!