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Slicer 300 NEW ESSEDUE

Slicer ESSEDUE 300 NEW will allow you to cut beautifully, quickly and easily this or that product, b..
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Slicer 350 Vertical Gear Meat ESSEDUE

Slicer ESSEDUE 350 Vertical Gear Meat will allow you to cut beautifully, quickly and easily this or ..
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Slicer 350 Vertical Gear Salami ESSEDUE

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Slicer ESSEDUE 250 AFP

Essedue supplies a wide range of kitchen equipment, both professional and domestic. Slicer Essedue 2..
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Slicer ESSEDUE 275

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Slicer ESSEDUE 350

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Buy industrial slicers

Finally, you can afford to enjoy ready-to-eat and so appetizing looking, thinly sliced ​​pieces of sausage, basturma, corned beef, salmon, hard and soft cheeses, fish products. And all this thanks to such professional equipment as slicers. Now anyone can buy a slicer for their home and use it at their own discretion: cut vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, cheese or bread. Owners of supermarkets and cafes, restaurants and canteens are in a hurry to purchase this unit for constant and continuous use in their establishment, speeding up and facilitating the work of hired workers, as well as consumers of products and ready meals.

The productivity of the kitchen and the quality of dishes depend not only on the qualifications of the staff, but also on the availability of specialized equipment. If you decide to buy a slicer for cutting, you will get the opportunity to make curly cuts of exactly the same slices. This machine copes with the processing of vegetables, sausages, cheese and bread.

Beautifully cutting a product using only a knife is not as easy as it seems. This is a painstaking process that requires accuracy from the cook, and this takes a lot of time. If you decide to buy a slicer for slicing, you can save a lot of time for your staff, and as a result you will get perfect slices.

It is enough to buy a professional slicer and train one operator to start the uninterrupted slicing process. Modern models allow you to adjust the size of the slices, and the human intervention is reduced to setting the parameters. Most of the devices are equipped with disc blades, and the finished slices come in containers. Also, all models are provided with protective mechanisms, which minimizes the risk of injury. Want to serve the perfect cut in your kitchen? Then you should buy a professional slicer!

A special mobile carriage and a circular knife of a certain diameter are built into the slicer for cutting. With the help of a slice thickness regulator, you can get the slice thickness that you need at the exit. As a rule, the cutting thickness is usually set from 0.2 to 15 mm, however, the thickness of the cut product can reach 220*320 mm.

You can buy slicers in our store at manufacturer's prices. We suggest you use the products of such companies as ESSEDUE, Beckers, Karma, RGVLUSSO, Altezoro. Choose the overall dimensions, weight, power of the unit you need and operate it for a long time, often, with pleasure and without problems. The built-in sharpening device and the ability to safely use the equipment 24 hours a day will help you with this.

If you decide to buy a slicer today, it would not be superfluous to ask the seller what material the equipment body and knife are made of. For example, ESSEDUE and Altezoro products have a completely anodized aluminum alloy body, while RGVLUSSO has lacquered aluminum at the base, in addition, this company produces slicers with Teflon knives, and the Karma slicer has an alloy steel blade. Naturally, the price for a slicer will depend precisely on such nuances that should not be overlooked. Our consultants know the difference between slicers from different companies and will always answer your questions if you find it difficult to choose. For all products we are ready to provide quality certificates and issue a guarantee. This type of product is becoming more and more popular every year and the demand for it is constantly growing. The effectiveness of slicers has been proven by practice and time-tested, so we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity and buy a suitable copy right now.

Slicer options for meat, vegetables and more

Slicers are used in meat, fish, hot and cold shops of professional kitchens, as well as in culinary and food stores for cutting various products - meat, sausages, hard cheese, vegetables, fish, etc.

The principle of operation of slicers is as follows: the product prepared for cutting is placed on a special tray and moves towards a rotating disk knife. After cutting each piece, the tray moves to its original position and the cycle repeats. At the same time, it is possible to set the thickness of the sliced ​​pieces using the slice thickness regulator.

The main tool in the slicer is a circular knife, the diameter of which is of great importance, because. it determines the size of the products that can be cut. The diameter of the knife, as a rule, ranges from 220-300 mm.

Slicers also differ in the type of food that can be sliced ​​in them. Along with universal slicers, there are also models designed exclusively for slicing bread (the serrated edges of the knife), cheese (the knife is coated with Teflon so that soft cheese does not stick), fish (a floating carriage that allows you to lift a piece at an angle to the knife), etc. d.

Slicers are manual, automatic and semi-automatic. There are models that cut the product directly onto a plate, and not into a special tray, like most. Most slicers come with a sharpener that can be built into the top of the case or attached separately if needed.

You can find slicers in our store, the operation of which involves performing individual operations, either with the help of an operator who presses the product to the cutting table (aggregates such as Essedue 300 VERTICAL, ESSEDUE 350 VerticalGearSalami, ESSEDUE 350 VerticalGearMeat), or without his help, when the product is under is pressed against the slicing table (ESSEDUE 300 GravityGear) by its own gravity. When choosing the right slicer option, you also need to keep in mind that some of them have a gear drive (ESSEDUE 350 VerticalGearSalami), while others have a belt drive (ESSEDUE 300 Vertical). We can say that slicers that have a gear transmission are durable, reliable devices with high efficiency, but they are quite noisy during operation. But equipment with a belt drive is quieter and smoother, but the belts tend to stretch over time, which leads to disruption of the slicer and the need to sooner or later replace unusable belts with new ones.

Owners of large hypermarkets will be most interested in automatic slicers, thanks to which you can quickly and accurately cut a large amount of products, and all technological operations are automated as much as possible. For small shops, cafes and restaurants with average attendance, it makes sense to take a semi-automatic slicer. Small shops, cafes, buffets, as a rule, have a meager flow of visitors and do not require the installation of powerful units with huge productivity, so even a manual slicer can be dispensed with in these establishments.

Using a slicer for cutting at home

At home, the slicer, of course, is not used as often as in supermarkets, restaurants and cafes, so its use is justified if you regularly invite a large number of guests to the house, if you are planning a grand celebration or slicing sausages - this is your additional side job at home during free time from work.

For home use, the most suitable model would probably be the ESSEDUE 195 slicer, which is powered by 220 V, has small overall dimensions of 430 * 310 * 310 and weighs less than 9 kg, and its knife diameter is 195 mm.

With it, cutting meat products, sausages, fish and vegetables will be done quickly and safely. Also, if you are planning to buy a slicer for your home, you should pay attention to the ESSEDUE 220 AVP model. This unit has overall dimensions slightly larger than the one presented above, its weight reaches 12 kg, and the knife has a diameter of 220 mm. It is a pleasure to cut products into thin slices using this type of equipment.

With the help of these small, but powerful and productive slicers, cutting various products at home will turn into a pleasant pastime. Using these devices is very simple: the thickness of the cut is easily adjusted by a manual regulator, no special skills are needed. As with any mechanism that requires an electrical connection, the slicer must be properly handled, according to the instructions, and then cutting products at home will be absolutely safe, simple and fun for you.

Professional slicers come in many different models and at first glance it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you want to achieve the best result when cutting products, you should consider every detail of the machine that you are going to purchase: all details are an exact choice, which depends on two main elements:

Type of food to be cut: This is not the same as cutting frozen meat or cream cheese, cold cuts or vegetables, bread or fresh meat. Specially slicing machines have been created to get perfect slices with every type of food.

Quantity and size of product to cut: if you have to cut large quantities of food every day, you should choose and buy a slicer with a reinforced cutting mechanism and high quality materials; on the other hand, if your slicing needs are smaller, you can get great results even with more standard equipment.

Blade diameter. One of the most important characteristics to consider when choosing slicers is the blade diameter: you need to choose a value that corresponds to the maximum size of the product that needs to be sliced. The most common blade sizes are between 250mm and 370mm, covering most cutting needs for both small and large jobs.

Type of coating of plates and blades. According to their use, slicing machines may have special types of inserts and special coatings on the blade. On the plates, you can distinguish between optimized for slicing meat and conventional plates for deli, cheese and cold cuts. The blades can have certain coatings that make cutting certain foods easier, i.e. Teflon coatings for cutting cream cheese.