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Insect exterminator for indoor and outdoor

We are ready to present to your attention an insect exterminator that you can use not only indoors, but also on the street. It has a wide range of action and can cover an area from 40 m2 to 850 m2.

If you spend a lot of time in the country, where there are a lot of insects or your home is located near a body of water, then you just need to purchase an ultraviolet insect exterminator.

It is an ultraviolet bait lamp, covered with a metal mesh, through which a discharge of an electric current of about 5000 V is periodically passed. Flying insects attracted by the UV lamp rush to the light. They sit on a metal grid and as a result die from the discharge of current.

Electric insect exterminators can include not one lamp, but two of the same power. For example, one or two lamps can be of different lengths depending on the overall dimensions of the device itself, and with a power of 6, 15, 40 watts.

Under the metal mesh, at the bottom of the exterminator, a tray is installed, which is provided specifically for collecting dead insects falling down from the electriс shock. You don’t have to worry, for a person such a discharge of current in terms of strength absolutely does not pose any danger.

Thanks to regular cleaning of the aforementioned pallet, you will be able to achieve maximum sanitary cleanliness. If you buy this device, then you will not need to chase mosquitoes, gadflies, wasps and flies all over the room in order to get rid of them, because the exterminator of flying insects will independently attract, collect them in one place and destroy them.

This unit is a great alternative to traps - Velcro, which trap but do not destroy caught insects, have a smaller spectrum of action and, as a rule, an unsightly appearance.

The exterminators purchased from us can be effectively used against mosquitoes, wasps, flies, gadflies that annoy you at home or at work. They affect any insect once and for all.

Choose and purchase an insect exterminator in your city

If you really decide that you need to buy an insect exterminator and effectively deal with them without making any physical effort, then in our store managers will help you choose the most suitable option both in terms of dimensions, weight, power, and coverage area.

Please note that for public catering establishments, industries and food shops, you need to choose a shredder that is larger and more powerful than the one used for household use or in a country house. Accordingly, the weight of such a device will be several times greater.

In our store you can buy an insect exterminator at the manufacturer's prices in Slovakia. We hasten to offer you several options for units of different companies. This, for example, can be the Altezoro China manufacturer or Italian companies in this market segment, producing high-quality devices that effectively destroy various insects.

Wherever your catering establishment is located - in Kosice, Bratislava or in any city in Slovakia - you can buy a device for killing insects in our store and use it for a long time without urgent replacement of lamps. On average, the lamp life before replacement is about 2000 hours.

The design and principle of operation of the exterminator for insects

Insect killers are used in industrial premises to kill flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, wasps, etc.). They can be used both in closed and open spaces, operating within a radius of up to 200 and up to 100 meters, respectively. In this case, insects are not scared away, namely, they are destroyed.

The principle of operation of insect exterminators is based on the presence of two functional blocks. The first is an ultraviolet lamp, the radiation and heat from which attracts insects, while remaining completely harmless to humans. The spectrum of action of the insecticidal trap also depends on the power of the lamp.

The second block is a metal mesh installed in front of the lamp, on which flying insects, attracted by UV radiation, land. Periodically, a high-voltage discharge (up to 5000 V) passes through this grid, destroying insects. Dead flies and mosquitoes fall down onto a special tray and can be easily removed from there. For a person, this charge is not dangerous, because. the current strength in it is designed for insects, i.e. - very small. In addition, the mesh housing of the device does not allow the possibility of touching the high-voltage grid with your hands.