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Dishwasher professional for canteen, restaurant, cafe and catering

  Gone are the days when in restaurants, canteens, cafes, all the dishes could be washed only by hand. I am glad that today powerful and productive machines have come to the aid of people. Now a dishwasher for a dining room is not a novelty, but a necessary equipment, thanks to the performance of which it became possible to replace the work of several people at once.

Cleanliness and hygiene are the main requirements for kitchens and catering establishments. Professional dishwashers can ensure the proper level of dishwashing. It is important to understand that manual washing is a time-consuming and responsible process, but no one person can do the task as well as specialized equipment.

Modern professional dishwashers are compact and can be installed in small kitchens. A small machine occupying 1 square meter is capable of processing up to 2000/hour. Processing speed, high quality washing, economy and human resources are the main advantages of using such machines.

There are three types of professional machines - front, dome and conveyor dishwashers. The design features of modern models allow not only to process large volumes of dishes quickly and efficiently, but also significantly reduce the cost of water and detergents. Modern models use 2-3 lira of water per cycle, which is much less than when washing by hand.

Modern professional dishwashers are high-tech equipment with fine tuning and control of work.

Naturally, this saves a lot of money intended for the payment of wages. In addition, water consumption is also saved. For example, if you need a dishwasher for a cafe, then using the example of a small front-loading machine Krupps KORAL -208LSDB, you can see that the water consumption when washing dishes is 2 liters / cycle.

During one cycle, which lasts approximately 2 minutes, you can wash 2 glass baskets, small cutlery and 12 saucers. The power of such a machine is 3.56 kW, while it is connected to a 220 V network.

  If you are interested in a dishwasher for restaurants that are located in the center of a large city and are frequently visited, then small-sized equipment will not be appropriate here, because the flow of visitors is constantly high, while a large amount of dirty dishes accumulate.

A powerful conveyor-type dishwasher will help you cope with so many dirty dishes. It has a high productivity, which is calculated by the number of cassettes per hour. It is connected to a 380 V electrical network.

Such a dishwasher is perfect for catering. It can have a mechanical or electronic control panel with which you can set the necessary parameters, for example, the washing cycle. It can be very different for different models of dishwashers. For example, one cycle of washing a basket with dishes can be 2 minutes, another 60/40/30/15 baskets per hour, and still others 60/90/120/240 baskets/hour.

  An industrial dishwasher can be supplied with several baskets of the required size, designed for different types of dishes. A water supply is recommended for the operation of this equipment, the water temperature is determined by the type of machine.

That allows you to wash the dishes to a mirror shine, without allowing any stains on its surface after washing. An industrial type dishwasher is the best option for establishments located in the central areas of the city that are ready to fight their competitors for popularity with visitors.

After all, first of all, cleanliness and compliance with sanitary rules are important for visitors, and then everything else. The professional dishwasher is easy to use and easy to handle, it will take up very little space in the kitchen and provide comfortable working conditions for staff.

  The cleanliness of the dishes used in a catering establishment is one of the first indicators of the prestige of a restaurant or cafe. Plates should not just be washed - they should sparkle with cleanliness. It is impossible to achieve this degree of cleansing with manual washing, so at least one dishwasher should be present in any professional kitchen. Dishwashing equipment is a very profitable and reliable assistant in the kitchen. By purchasing an industrial dishwasher, you will facilitate human labor and make the process of processing dishes better and faster, as this is a universal technique designed for professional use in the kitchen of a restaurant, cafe, canteen and even a school (school canteen). All models are made of high-strength materials, safe for use in catering establishments.

The main difference between an industrial dishwasher and a household dishwasher is the ability to work continuously, processing large quantities of dishes with consistently high quality.

The wash cycle takes from 2 to 8 minutes, during which it is possible to clean a full basket of dishes to a sparkling shine. In this case, the dishes come out almost dry, not requiring wiping. There are no smears or streaks left on the plates.

Professional dishwashers will thoroughly clean even delicate items made of porcelain or crystal, you can wash silver cutlery in them.

Dishwashers come in three types of purpose for washing plates, glasses and boilers, depending on the method of loading - dome, front-loading and conveyor machines.

Dome type, front loading or tunnel type industrial dishwasher

  I would like to note that of all the listed types of machines, the tunnel dishwasher is the most powerful and overall. You can purchase this equipment for use in factory canteens and large workshops.

It may have a mechanical, electromechanical or electronic control system. The tunnel dishwasher will more than justify the funds invested in it and will allow unloading the kitchen staff even with a large influx of visitors.

  Dome dishwashers have a so-called dome, which must be lifted up with a special handle and then loaded into the dishwasher with a basket of dirty dishes. After that, lower the dome and set the required cycle of the machine.

The washing cycle will be different for different machines, it can be fixed. If you are interested in dome dishwashers for cafes, then here you can choose the model you need, which includes baskets for glasses, plates and a container for cutlery.

Such a dishwasher with a capacity of 6-8 kW / h has a circulating wash, where water of a certain temperature enters the nozzle nozzle and, thanks to the high pressure, perfectly washes dirty dishes and also rinses them. You can buy dome dishwashers for a restaurant from us, the performance and power of which will be slightly higher, for example, 10-11 kW / h and higher.

You can wash in it not only plates, glasses and cutlery, but also pots. When choosing, it is important to know the maximum height of glasses and pans, the diameter of the plates. Such domed dishwashers for the dining room are also quite suitable, especially if they have cells not only for all of the above, but also for washing trays. This will reduce the kitchen staff to the optimum, greatly simplify and increase the productivity of kitchen workers.

  Unlike a dome dishwasher, the front dishwasher has a handle that we usually pull towards us to open the equipment and load dirty dishes, so the door of such a machine moves in a horizontal plane. This equipment can be installed permanently, and if there is not enough space in the kitchen, then you can purchase a desktop version.

The front dishwasher will be a great helper in a small or medium-sized cafe and restaurant. It can have different sizes of baskets, contain special inserts for glasses, plates, small appliances, pots, baking sheets for several divisions.

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The owners of cafes and restaurants simply cannot do without special equipment, and therefore quite often they need an industrial dishwasher to work in the kitchen, which you can buy today without even getting up from the director's chair. This is a very convenient way to buy without any hassle.

Surely, looking through the options on our website, you have already made your choice and you are interested in a specific professional dishwasher that you can buy quickly and easily using a special form on our website. Each model has its own description, reviews and characteristics, which are displayed on the corresponding page of the site.

On the same page there is a photo showing a professional dishwasher price in UAH, quantity in pieces and the manufacturer. If you are quite satisfied with the manufacturer, price, equipment characteristics, and you decide to purchase more than one unit, then simply click on the "+" and select the required number of pieces.

To the right of the description there is a special "Add to Cart" button. After such simple steps, you can be sure that soon you will have a dishwasher in your kitchen workshop, which you can also buy at 04001, Slovensko, Košice, Južná trieda 4B. Moreover, in Kosice there are options for self-delivery from the warehouse.

Such necessary equipment in a professional kitchen as a professional dishwasher can be delivered to the specified address by our own delivery service within the city. If you urgently need a dishwasher, you can buy it at 04001, Slovensko, Košice, Južná trieda 4B

In addition, you can easily buy a professional dishwasher while in Kosice, Bratislava, Prague or any other city in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where cars of carrier companies can easily deliver the goods you bought. You will receive high-quality, carefully and securely packaged goods exactly on time.

In the Altesoro online store you will find a wide range of restaurant equipment in stock and at affordable prices. Delivery in Kosice and other cities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Our offices and centralized warehouses with equipment are constantly working in Kosice.

If you have a large production, then it is important to ensure that the workflow is as optimized as possible. Therefore, it is important to have such irreplaceable kitchen equipment as a professional dishwasher. It allows you to wash a large amount of dishes in a short period of time, thereby saving your employees' free time. Such equipment does not take much time and consumes a minimum amount of electricity. Therefore, if you want to buy the presented equipment at a low price, then you can do it in our online store.

Depending on which professional dishwasher you prefer, its power, design and dimensions will depend. Given the wide range that is presented in our online store, you can be sure that you will choose exactly what you need. The equipment is available only from well-known and certified manufacturers, so you can be sure of its impeccable quality. In order to buy a dishwasher at an affordable price, you can place an order on our official page or leave a request with our specialists.