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Electric vegetable slicer CL60 Robot Coupe

The electric vegetable slicer Robot Coupe CL60 is made to work in conditions of increased operation ..
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Vegetable cutter Sammic CA-301

Quality vegetable cutter Sammic CA-301 copes with the task with just one movement. Only high quality..
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Vegetable cutter Sammic CA-401

The Spanish vegetable cutter Sammic CA-401 features a side distribution blade, which allows you to e..
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Vegetable slicers

The electric vegetable slicer has perfectly proven itself both in a professional kitchen and in the household. This device helps to process a huge amount of vegetables and fruits in a short while.

This unit is good because, if desired, you can replace one cutting disc with another and eventually get, for example, french fries or vegetables cut into long strips or cubes. In addition, you can use it to cut different types of cheeses, nuts or grate chocolate. So, to speed up work in gastronomic enterprises, sooner or later you will definitely find the Fimar, Altezoro or Robot Coupe vegetable slicer useful, which you can buy right now in our online store.

The price of the product corresponds to its quality and depends not only on the main characteristics of the vegetable cutter and its capabilities, but also on the configuration. Please also note that the body of the machine can be made of different materials: aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. This affects the appearance, durability and reliability of the machine.

Professional vegetable slicers are easy to install and dismantle, and cleaning is also simple. With so many different types of equipment on the market, you need to know which one to use for which purpose in order to take full advantage of them. Do not hesitate to contact our staff.

When choosing, it is important to know the required dimensions of the unit, to think in advance where you will place the device and whether it will be comfortable enough to work with it in a given position. Then, you need to understand how powerful a device you need, whether for professional use or for home use.

The output of industrial equipment can reach 0.75kW/220V. With powerful units, such as the Robot Coupe CL50E and CL52D, productivity reaches up to 250-300 kg/h. If you like one of them and decide to buy such a vegetable slicer so that you can constantly use it in a professional kitchen, you should know that it will withstand longer loads without problems and will be a reliable helper. It can cut and grate both raw and cooked vegetables, it is multifunctional and efficient at work despite its small size.

Household electric vegetable slicers are usually not used as often as professional ones, they are mostly loaded in the summer and when harvesting vegetables and fruits. At home, it is enough to have a unit with a productivity of 40-80 kg/h and a power of up to 0.5 kW. Our store presents this type of goods from the brands Fimar, Robot Coupe and Altezoro. With us you can easily and without problems buy electric vegetable slicers for the home, + discs for them.

The use of a vegetable slicer replaces the work of several people, while the cutting always takes place flawlessly and quickly. The speed of his work allows chefs to prepare the maximum number of dishes in a record fast time.