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Pre-rinse shower Altezoro JPOYD01

The shower device will help you quickly and easily prepare the dishes for loading into the dishwashe..
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Pre-rinse shower Altezoro JPOYD03

The shower device will help you quickly and easily prepare the dishes for loading into the dishwashe..
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Choking devices: what is it and how to choose a choking device Kosice

An effective dishwashing routine begins with the step of rinsing the dishes of residue before sending them to the sink, and nothing can optimize this step more effectively than showers. If you are looking to replace or purchase a shower head for the first time for your establishment, this guide is designed to help you make the best choice for your dishwasher.

In this category of our online store "Altezoro" there are shower devices from well-known manufacturers in the industry - Altezoro (Turkey) model range JP.OYD.01, JP.OYD.02, JP.OYD.03 and Krupps (Italy) model range DOC100 .DOC200. This commercial pre-wash faucet prepares your dishes and utensils for routine cleaning.

choking device Kosice

Pre-rinse faucets are a must in commercial kitchens, allowing your staff to quickly clean up sauce residue, leftover food and more from your most frequently used dishes. We offer commercial showerheads in both wall-mounted and countertop designs, and there are even options to add faucets for added versatility. In addition, you can choose from commercial pre-flush spray valves that are manufactured to a range of different specifications, including environmentally friendly low flow options.

We are sure to have a shower device (Kosice) for pre-rinsing that can meet the requirements of any commercial kitchen, down to important details such as the height of the faucet, the dimensions of its centers and much more; many of these pre-flush taps come with spray valves. In addition to standard pre-flush mixers, we also offer models that come with several accessories including wall brackets, extended inlets, among others. With so many options at your fingertips, you're sure to find a commercial pre-flush faucet that best suits your needs.

Why buy a shower device from us?

Our extensive range includes shower devices from some of the most popular manufacturers such as Altezoro (Turkey) and Krupps (Italy), so you can be sure that you are buying quality products. With reliable inlets, durable frames and handy accessories at your disposal, we have pre-flush mixers for every kitchen, including compact versions for places where space is of the utmost importance. Plus, with a dedicated category containing any commercial pre-flush valve you might want, maximizing the efficiency of your kitchen has never been easier.