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Shocker ATT 05 Tecnodom

Freezing shocker Tecnodom ATT05 is intended for fast cooling and freezing of various food products. ..
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Blast freezer for products

You can purchase a shock freezer cabinet in our online store without even leaving your office. At the same time, before purchasing a cabinet, it is advisable to initially determine the dimensions of the desired equipment, because it has a fairly large size and will occupy a certain area.

You can choose equipment for shock freezing based on several parameters. First of all, this is the manufacturer, the materials used to manufacture the cabinet structure, external dimensions, capacity, performance, temperature, various programming options for the control panel.

A shock freezer is an excellent acquisition that will allow you to freeze, instantly cool the products you need in an ultra-short period of time and thereby preserve their quality and extend their shelf life. When buying equipment, pay attention to performance.

As a rule, a shock chamber is purchased for medium and large productions, where productivity is the most important condition and indicator of work efficiency. The lower capacity limit of shock freezers that we offer to buy in our store is from 10 to 20 kg per hour, which is most used in cafes and restaurants, as well as shock freezers of much larger volumes.

If you need a shock freezer, then in our catalog you can choose high-quality and efficient equipment at manufacturer's prices, made of high-strength stainless steel. Such equipment is equipped with a reliable cooling unit, which will work productively for many years without breakdowns and failures.

Thus, for the owners of supermarkets, large retail outlets, restaurants, as well as for manufacturers of semi-finished products, there is currently a great opportunity to purchase this equipment for intensive cooling of their products at a very attractive price.

 Shock freezers purpose and scope

 Shock freezers are designed for freezing or intensive cooling of food products - semi-finished products, meat, fish, bakery products, dough, ice cream. They are used in cafes, restaurants, catering, supermarkets, but shock freezing chambers are especially relevant for manufacturers of semi-finished products.

The essence of the operation of shock freezing installations is to accelerate all stages of freezing, to achieve which the temperature in the chamber is reduced to -30 C - -40 C, and active air circulation is also provided. When using blast freezing units, products are frozen 2-4 times faster than with conventional freezing. In this case, not macro-, but micro-crystals of ice are formed in the tissues of the products, which retains not only the taste of the product during defrosting, but also its organoleptic properties.

The refrigerating chamber usually consists of two compartments - an air cooler and a cargo one. The product is loaded into the working chamber on racks with pallets or trays. Depending on the direction of the air flows and the location of the products on the trays, the rate of heat removal and the uniformity of temperature distribution over the layers of the product change.

For example, fish and seafood contain valuable proteins and fats, as well as a lot of moisture. This makes them, on the one hand, valuable products, but, on the other hand, prone to rapid deterioration. The most important measure to stop bacterial and enzymatic degradation processes is to ensure sufficient refrigeration in value chains or rapid freezing, which guarantees that all key freshness parameters are maintained for several months. It is important to understand that not every freezer is equally well suited for this process as blast freezers.

There are several distinct options for cooling and freezing, and the method chosen primarily depends on the type of product to be frozen, its shape, size and packaging, as well as other process-related parameters such as the time required for cooling, the processing chain or the initial temperature that the product has at the beginning of the cooling process. However, which cooling method is used for which purpose depends not only on its functionality, but also on its profitability and the financial capabilities of the user. Some blast freezers may not be suitable because they are too large for the available space or may be too slow for the product's intended performance. For example, some freezers can be eliminated because they dry out food and thus reduce its quality. Cryogenic freezers operating with liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide are effective, but too expensive for some products if they cannot be operated around the clock or operating costs exceed real income.

Blast freezers are often the best solution for quick freezing and if the goal is to combine versatility with an economical procedure. These freezing systems are suitable for freezing food of various shapes and sizes. Their performance, however, is critically dependent on the capacity of the air, which extracts heat from the product. If the air in the freezer is absolutely still, then natural convection and therefore the rate of heat transfer will be low, which greatly increases the freezing time. On the other hand, if the air is constantly in motion and circulated by fans (forced convection), the freezing time is reduced to a quarter of the previous value. For most air freezer applications, a circulation speed of 5 m/s is sufficient. This value is a good compromise between freeze time and refrigerant and fan costs. However, if the product is to be frozen in less than 30 minutes, the air must circulate much faster in the chamber, generally at a speed of 10 to 15 m/s.

 Shock freezer buy at manufacturer's price

 Sooner or later, everyone who decides to connect their business with the food market becomes interested in shock freezing, equipment, and prices. And this is not surprising, because this type of product, namely food, is perishable. Most of the risks associated with the sale, purchase and transportation of food products are caused by this unpleasant fact.

Every day, the owners of retail chains, grocery stores, restaurants and cafes lose profits and even suffer heavy losses due to spoilage of products that they did not have time to process or sell. But today there is a way out of the situation, because there is an opportunity to buy a shock freezing chamber in our store.

With us, you do not have to be distracted from your main work, make unnecessary gestures and make physical efforts - our managers will do all the basic operations related to the purchase for you. For example, if you need a shock freezer and its price in our store is guaranteed to be lower than that of our competitors.

This Italian-made equipment in terms of its power and efficiency is many times greater than conventional industrial refrigerators and allows you to quickly freeze the products placed in the chamber to -18 degrees Celsius, even if their temperature was at room temperature. The chamber can have several sections for different types of products and a different number of trays.

Shock freezing of products can be carried out in a chamber with a power consumption of 50 kW and a three-phase connection to a 400V network. Thanks to the powerful insulating layer of sandwich panels, which reaches 90 mm, the low temperature inside cabinets and chambers is easily kept and therefore no additional energy costs are required. The internal steel finish of the chambers and cabinets is quite rigid and durable, easy to clean and wash when defrosting is necessary.

 We have a huge amount of equipment for freezing products in our store, so we can always help you if you need to buy a shock freezer in Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia. Leave your message in the feedback form, call us at the indicated numbers or visit one of the offices closest to you, and we will select for you exactly the option that you need.

Buying equipment from us, you save a lot of time and money. For those who really care about and need shock freezing, the price of our products will be negligible compared to the profit and benefits that you can get using our equipment.