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Electromechanical equipment from the manufacturer

Electromechanical equipment offered by Altezoro is your assistant in a professional kitchen. The most time-consuming part of the work in the preparation of any dishes is the preparatory work for the preliminary processing of products: meat, vegetables, fruits, poultry. To facilitate the work of personnel and reduce the part of manual work, there is electromechanical equipment. This approach increases work efficiency, which in turn also reduces the cost of raw materials and energy. With us you can place an order for any kind of similar equipment.

You can purchase equipment from us that cuts and crumbles products. This includes vegetable cutters, blenders, meat grinders and other items. Another important group is equipment. which whips and mixes the products to obtain a homogeneous mass. This includes planetary mixers, spiral mixers (dough mixers) and much more.

We also have a wide range of vegetable processing equipment. For example, this includes a potato peeler and other washing and cleaning products.

There is also molding equipment that will help shape the product, such as dough sheeters, dividers, pizza presses, etc.

All electromechanical equipment offered by us is provided with protective devices and is absolutely safe during operation. In addition, it is made of durable construction materials using the latest technology.

Electromechanical equipment is an important part of any professional kitchen. A huge range of equipment provides such necessary functions as cutting, mixing, whipping, sieving, homogenizing and much more. All kinds of cutters, food processors, mixers, vegetable cutters, meat grinders, bread slicers, meat saws - this is something without which it is impossible to imagine any restaurant. All this electromechanical equipment makes it much easier for chefs to perform their complex and painstaking work. Such equipment will undoubtedly be the best assistant in the preparation of your culinary masterpieces. Our equipment from the manufacturer will significantly facilitate the work of the staff, as well as speed up the preparation of dishes, because now you do not have to waste precious time and engage in time-consuming processes for the preliminary processing of products.

The sale of electromechanical equipment is carried out via the Internet. Register on this site, add the necessary goods to the buyer's basket, and set the required number of units in a special field by clicking on "+" to increase or "-" to decrease. Our professional equipment is primarily distinguished by quality and affordable price. Prices on the site are indicated in hryvnia equivalent.

When buying our equipment, you can be absolutely sure of its safe operation, as it is made of durable construction materials and provided with reliable protective devices. You can buy electromechanical equipment at any time without leaving your cozy office, and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

According to the type of functionality, this equipment is divided into:

cleansing; mixing; grinding and cutting; molding.

The presence of such equipment in the restaurant kitchen significantly reduces the cost of resources expended. Most of the technological processes with its help can be accelerated and brought to full automatism. So, thanks to its presence, it is also possible to significantly reduce the cost of production, reduce labor resources, which will lead to savings in funds that were used to pay wages to kitchen workers.

In addition to the equipment described above, we can also offer you:

weight equipment; water coolers; equipment for packing; insect exterminators.

We offer to buy electromechanical weighing equipment with a weighing limit of 10 to 150 kg. These can be bench or floor scales, which have different overall dimensions, own weight, platform dimensions, display type, type of measurement, and the value of the calibration interval.

The water coolers presented on the site are water-mixing dispensers and dispensers of liquid components from Slovakia manufacturers. Each of these units has its own overall dimensions, dosing range, dose setting discreteness. Our managers will help you choose the right equipment for you, prompt data for each specific unit, namely, power consumption, supply voltage, temperature range of the dispensed liquid, liquid pressure range at the dispenser inlet and liquid flow range.

Vacuum sealers of several types with a stainless steel body from various European manufacturers from Italy, Holland, such as ORVED, EUROMATIC, TURBOVAC, buy in our online store at competitive prices. We will help you choose the required overall dimensions of the unit, its power / pump power, the dimensions of the vacuum chamber and the length of the welding bar.

Through our online store, we also sell electromechanical equipment designed to combat winged insects. You can purchase such equipment and successfully fight flies, mosquitoes, wasps, thus keeping the food workshop or kitchen clean. First of all, hygiene is important for food enterprises, this is one of the indicators of establishments belonging to the elite, the most popular. We offer to purchase water-resistant or ordinary flycatchers, having different weight, power, area of ​​effective action and overall dimensions.

Catering establishments can serve guests efficiently and quickly only if they have special equipment. No matter how experienced your staff may be, they will not physically cope with the tasks without the help of technology. To speed up the workflow, it is worth buying a professional meat grinder. Such equipment will allow you to quickly and efficiently grind any meat, getting minced or chopped minced meat.

Before you buy a professional meat grinder, it is important to decide on the desired functions. Modern models are equipped with a large number of nozzles, which allows you to use the device to work not only with meat. The most productive models are electric.

Also, an equally important step will be to buy an electric vegetable cutter. This device quickly and efficiently grinds vegetables, allowing you to use it for salads, slicing and other dishes. Such equipment guarantees the efficiency of work, makes it possible to produce vegetable preparations of any shape. If you want to buy an electric vegetable cutter, choose models with various attachments to expand your chefs' imagination and give them the opportunity to create new masterpieces.

Options for electromechanical equipment

cleaning (this includes a potato peeler, vegetable peeler, vegetable washer, mussel cleaning machine)

mixing (dough mixer, mixer, meat mixer, multifunctional food processor, cocktail mixer)

chopping and cutting (vegetable cutter, cutter, meat grinder, bread slicer, vegetable processing machine, wiping and cutting machine, multifunctional food processor)

Forming (pasta making machine, dough divider - dough rounder, dough presses and pizza presses)

weighing equipment (table scales, floor scales)

water coolers (water-mixing dispensers, dispensers of liquid components)

packaging equipment (vacuum packers)

insects (flycatchers, water-resistant flycatchers)