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Meat grinder Altezoro NS-22 GA1

The professional meat grinder Altezoro NS-22 GA1 is made for large-scale production, because when wo..
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Meat grinder Fimar TR22/TE

Meat grinders Fimar 22/TE 1ph have a reputation for ultra-reliable professional equipment. This resu..
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Meat grinder industrial Altezoro NLS 32

The professional meat grinder Altezoro NLS 32 is perfect for large-scale production, because when wo..
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Meat grinder professional Essedue ICEBERG TC 32

To ensure high productivity when processing meat into minced meat, the ESSEDUE ICEBERG TC 32 profess..
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Buy industrial meat grinders

Are you looking to buy a meat grinder? Then you've come to the right place! Our industrial meat grinders are designed to produce large volumes of minced meat in a short period of time. These units are not only for chopping meat, but also for cooking minced fish and cutting vegetables, making them perfect for preparing various semi-finished products. With productivity several times higher than that of a household meat grinder, our industrial meat grinders can process up to 300 kg of meat per hour, allowing you to work for a long time almost non-stop. They are very compact and unpretentious in maintenance, with different knives and nozzles that allow you to achieve the required consistency of minced meat or fish.
Our meat grinders are characterized by their increased durability due to their cast-iron body lined with stainless steel, steel knives, and reliable outer coating. They are also absolutely safe thanks to a non-removable fuse that closes the knives. In our catalog, you'll find various models of meat grinders, including universal ones, in which, in addition to the meat grinder itself, there is also an automatic grater.
When choosing an industrial meat grinder, you should consider the scale and productivity of your kitchen workshop or catering establishment, as well as the functions performed that require the most frequent use. The performance and power of the purchased unit are of decisive importance for large dining rooms or popular restaurants, where the parameters will largely determine whether kitchen workers will cope with the growing demand.
If you're interested in buying an electric meat grinder from us, we offer several types of meat grinders from different manufacturers that can produce products with a capacity of 500-600 kg per hour. We have both large and small-sized meat grinders, and we can offer you Essedue ICEBERG TC 32 meat grinder, Altezoro NLS 32 meat grinder, Fimar 32/TN meat grinder, Fimar 32/RS meat grinder, MIM-600M meat grinder, MIM-600 meat grinder, Fama FTI meat grinder 138. Each industrial meat grinder is able to work for a long time without interruptions in operation, producing quality products of a uniform consistency.
If you're the head of a large trade and public catering enterprise, we recommend buying a meat grinder equipped with a complete Unger, which simplifies the process of meat processing and reduces the time spent on this operation by half. Thus, focus your attention on the models of units presented by Slovakia. In any case, please contact our consultants who can always help you and quickly place an order if your cafe or restaurant urgently needs a powerful electric meat grinder to buy in Kosice. Don't be stingy and decide to buy an expensive but high-quality electric meat grinder, which is necessary to produce minced meat of the highest quality. Share your impressions and leave us reviews on the website about the purchased electric meat grinder, as it will be interesting for potential buyers who visit the pages they are interested in to find out how this or that meat grinder satisfied the aspirations of their "colleagues in the shop".
a wide range of meat grinders to choose from, including smaller, more affordable models that are perfect for home use or small-scale operations.
If you are looking for a meat grinder that is both affordable and high-quality, we have several models to choose from. These smaller meat grinders are perfect for home use, small restaurants, or even food trucks. They are designed to be easy to use and maintain, and are built to last.
One of our most popular models is the Altezoro NLS 12 meat grinder. This compact and versatile unit is capable of producing up to 120 kg of meat per hour, making it perfect for small-scale operations. It features a cast iron body, stainless steel knives, and a powerful motor that ensures reliable performance.
Another great option is the Essedue ICEBERG TC 22 meat grinder. This unit is designed for light commercial use and can process up to 250 kg of meat per hour. It features a stainless steel body and knives, and is easy to disassemble and clean.
No matter what your needs are, we have a meat grinder that will meet them. Whether you are looking for a high-performance industrial unit or a smaller, more affordable option, we have something for you. And with our fast and reliable shipping, you can have your new meat grinder delivered right to your door in no time. So why wait? Browse our selection of meat grinders today and place your order to take advantage of our great prices and excellent customer service.