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The modern rhythm of life forces each of us to save the most important thing - time. Arriving at a cafe, restaurant or any other catering establishment, we want to get the ordered dish as quickly as possible, regardless of the complexity of its preparation. At the same time, the taste of the product must remain consistently high. This is achieved thanks to the high professionalism of the staff and the technical equipment of the kitchen or production.

 Any cook knows that thermal equipment is the basis of catering. Thanks to him, all culinary ideas come to life, and visitors leave full and satisfied. Restaurateurs pay special attention to this type of equipment, trying to choose multifunctional and productive models. Your attention is presented to: devices for making shawarma and hot dogs, popcorn machines, cooking boilers, pasta cookers, rice cookers, tureens. Modern industry produces thermal equipment for catering enterprises, designed both for cooking specific dishes (fries, pasties, grilled chicken, etc.), and for performing a wide variety of operations in a professional kitchen, from pre-processing products to preparing first and second courses, appetizers and desserts. You can order equipment for these technological processes on our website. We will be happy to help you choose high-quality kitchen equipment with the best price-quality ratio.

Assortment of thermal equipment

 Modern equipment manufacturers offer a wide range of thermal equipment. The most common electrical equipment, as the most practical and safe. Gas appliances are also widely used. The main equipment, which is indispensable in any professional kitchen, are stoves. These are electric, gas induction cookers, stoves with infrared heating, with a different number of burners, with or without an oven.

 Cooking thermal equipment for cooking first and second courses includes cooking boilers and double boilers. Fried and stewed dishes are usually prepared using an electric frying pan. Frying equipment also includes deep fryers, where frying takes place in a large amount of fat, grills and frying surfaces. This equipment is characterized by high performance, withstands heavy loads with a sufficiently long operation.

 To maintain the temperature of already cooked dishes, food warmers, chafindishes, dish warmers, and heat tables are used. Narrow-profile thermal equipment includes rice cookers, tureens, pasta cookers, machines for making cotton candy, hot dogs. All thermal equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, the design provides for convenient, safe operation and sanitization of equipment, guarantees high quality and a wide range of cooked dishes.

How to choose kitchen heating equipment?

When deciding to buy heating equipment, the available budget is often crucial, and your task is to buy or rent high-quality equipment without breaking its limits. Indeed, the task is not an easy one, especially considering that almost every store of thermal equipment offers it in a huge assortment. This is a real art and science: to choose among all the available variety, not just what you need, but what best suits your needs.

The term "restaurant heating equipment" covers everything from large kitchen items such as cooking pots and chicken grills to smaller items such as tureens and rice cookers. Therefore, before ordering thermal equipment in bulk, you should determine which items you need in the first place.

We recommend that you involve your chef in this process: after all, he is the one who will operate the equipment, and he will certainly have the necessary experience to determine the tools required for each step. Go through simulation scenarios, such as at dinner, with your chef to see if there are any tools that could make him more efficient. Please note that this list must be "alive" and "breathing"; most likely, you will need to buy heating equipment for the restaurant, as soon as you start working and find "holes" in your processes. This is fine!

Pro tip: You can sort your final lists by "desirable" and "must have" purchases; these lists will humble you when you make purchasing decisions.

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