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Potato peeler Altezoro NRV-15 A1

Electric potato peeler Altezoro NRV-15 A1 - large and powerful, designed for large peeling volumes, ..
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Potato peeler Altezoro NRV-20 A1

Powerful, large and productive potato peeler Altezoro NRV-20 A1. With a full load of 20 kg, it is ca..
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Industrial potato peelers

Industrial electric potato peeler

Each of us knows how sometimes, monotonous, tedious work is peeling potatoes and other root crops. However, whether you like it or not, this tedious task must be done daily, or even several times a day, especially if you are in the professional kitchen of any large catering establishment.

We hasten to please you that you should not despair or become discouraged, because modern innovative technologies keep pace with the times and new, more advanced types of equipment are constantly appearing in professional kitchens. From now on, you can forget about the tedious monotony in the kitchen, because we have in our store what you need so much today - a potato peeler.

This equipment will do all the main work of peeling root crops for you, and in a very short time, and no worse than you could do it yourself. The only thing you will need to check is the absence of wormholes, which can only be removed manually. If there are no such flaws, then you can proceed to the heat treatment of potatoes, its final preparation.

An electric potato peeler is good because it connects not only to the electrical, but also to the water supply, so you can automatically wash potatoes, carrots, onions in it, peel with an abrasive, drain dirty water along with cleanings and, as a result, get a thoroughly cleaned, excellent washed product.

In addition, the potato peeler chosen in our store can be of different capacities: 5, 10, 15, 18, 20, 25 liters, depending on your requests, planned volumes of processed products, the size of the catering establishment and the kitchen.

Today you can choose both floor standing and desktop version, with 220 V or higher connection. Within the warehouse there are potato peelers produced by Altezoro NRV-15 A1, NRV-20 A1 with a single product load of 15 and 20 kg, respectively.

For any other request, you can buy a potato peeler that you can order from us. To purchase and discuss the date of delivery of the goods, please contact us by phone

Industrial potato peelers from the manufacturer

For generations, we have clung to the same old manual potato peelers to peel vegetables, reluctantly ridding them of unwanted skin. Especially tedious and unproductive was their use in cafes, bars and restaurants, where speed is important with their huge volumes of potatoes to be cleaned daily. It ends today. In this category of our online store "European Equipment Technologies" are collected and presented to your attention irreplaceable helpers in any commercial kitchen, the best automatic potato peelers that will make your life much more pleasant. Potato peeling machines come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: peeling is fast and more precise than we ordinary people could ever achieve.

Features to consider when planning to buy a potato peeler:

Block size. It is important to consider the amount of free space on the countertop, as well as the available storage space. If you are going to use this device only occasionally, you may want to use a hand-held electric knife that fits easily in a utensil drawer.

Assembly materials. Choosing a device made from higher quality materials will surely ensure longevity. If you use it often, we recommend that you take a closer look at our industrial potato peelers made of stainless steel. These are reliable products backed by trusted brands.

Performance. The goal of a potato peeler is to make life easier. You don't want to use a regular knife to hand cut the missing parts. Look for category leaders like Altezoro or Fimar who have been around for years and know how to build a product that works. You can also look at the size of the model: smaller units won't be able to peel larger vegetables, but if you're only interested in potatoes, this won't be an issue for you.

Characteristics. Peeling potatoes is all well and good, but what about preparing food for salads? Does your machine have a range of cutters for different cutting shapes? Are spare blades included? It's nice to have extras that may not be a priority for every buyer.

Warranty. A solid warranty is usually a sign that a brand stands behind its product, making sure you have a hassle-free purchase. If you see a warranty, this is a good sign and an additional reason to buy.

Potato peelers allow you to peel root crops - potatoes, beets, carrots. This equipment greatly simplifies the work in professional kitchens with large production volumes, saving time and providing high-quality cleaning. Potatoes are peeled using a peeling stone or disk that rotates horizontally and removes the skin by friction, like sandpaper. In this case, only the top layer of the peel is peeled off, and additional manual processing will be required to remove wormholes. There are different models of potato peelers that differ in their performance. The principle of operation of this apparatus is as follows: potato or beet tubers are thrown into the working cylinder through the hopper. There they rub against a rotating disc with an uneven surface and are peeled. At the next stage, the potatoes are washed with water, which, together with the peeled skin, is drained through a special pipe, and the peeled tubers are thrown out of the cylinder. Potato peelers are safe, reliable and durable. They are easy to use and allow you to free employees from tedious and monotonous work. Connecting a potato peeler requires electricity, running water and sewerage.

Choose and buy a potato peeler in your city

If you are interested in an electric potato peeler, you can buy the selected model right now by specifying the desired number of units by clicking on the “+” or “-” icons, and then by clicking on the “add to cart” button. Pre-read the description of the model and its main characteristics that are most important to you, such as productivity (number of kg / h), capacity in liters, rated power, dimensions.

Ask which network the unit is connected to (220V or 380V). It is important to know if you need a household potato peeler, which you can also buy in our store. We have placed all the data to the right of the photo on the product card page so that each buyer can easily find the required values ​​and parameters, compare them, and accurately select the right one from several options of the same type of goods.

You can also see a description of which version the unit is made in: desktop or floor.

You will certainly be interested first of all in a company - a manufacturer of professional equipment, if you need an industrial potato peeler, which is important to buy based on such indicators as durability, reliability, power, performance, maximum capacity. If you do not have a large catering establishment, then the floor version with a capacity of 300 kg / h, a power of 0.75 kW with a maximum load of 15 kg is suitable for you.

Particularly advanced housewives who love to feed their household with homemade food, but are not ready to spend a significant part of their lives in the kitchen, can find the easiest way out of this situation - buy a potato peeler for the home.

The desktop or floor version of the Italian company Fimar with a maximum load of 5 kg is ideal for you. other models of potato peelers manufactured by Fimar, Altezoro or Belarusian production of the IOC. It is easy to pick up the goods purchased from us in any city, we are always glad to customers from Kosice, Prague and other cities of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.