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Juicer KZ/CL/G 10000 Altezoro

Professional electric juicer KZ/CL/G 10000 is large, powerful and productive, this juicer is made of..
760.00 €
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Professional citrus juicer SP-M1-EN Remidag

Citrus juicer Remidag SP-M1 EN. The design of the juicer includes a removable sieve with a centrifug..
199.00 €
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Professional citrus juicer SP-M1-LU Remidag

For more than 10 years of work in the professional bar equipment market, the Italian company Remidag..
299.00 €
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Juicer KZ/CL/G 20000 Altezoro

Investing in the centrifuge Profi A2000 is an investment in your restaurant's efficiency and product..
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Juicers professional for a bar, cafe or restaurant

If you need a juicer for professional use, then in our catalog, in the bar equipment section, you will find a huge variety of units of this type. They differ not only in external design, but also in size, capacity, speed, weight and power consumption.

You can choose equipment from various brands that have already gained fame in many parts of the world. For example, if you are interested in a juicer for citrus fruits such as lemons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, then compact and easy-to-use equipment from the Italian company REMIDA will be your best assistant.

For example, the dimensions of the REMIDA SP-A model are 180*300*360 mm, weight up to 10 kg - this equipment will easily take its place in a bar or a small restaurant.

If you need a juicer for vegetables, you can buy it from us without any problems. Powerful and productive models of these units from Altezoro (China) can easily process up to 140 kg of hard vegetables or fruits per hour.

The speed of the Altezoro KZ/CL/G 10000 electric juicer reaches 2800 rpm. The overall dimensions of such equipment are 280 * 340 * 500, power is 0.75 kW. This unit will be a profitable purchase for a bar or restaurant. If you need an even faster unit, then pay your attention to the equipment of Fimar (Italy).

This brand is widely known for its quality and variety of innovative designs. For example, Fimar CFV30, a fruit juicer, deserves attention, which you can also buy in our online store.

Color - metallic (painted aluminum body), all internal parts are made of stainless steel. The capacity of this equipment is 6 liters (about 8 kg of products), the power is 0.7 kW. The overall dimensions of the equipment are 240*380*490, the speed can reach 3000 rpm.

Such a juicer can easily process apples, pineapples, lemons and oranges for your restaurant or cafe. Come shopping in our online store juicers have passed technical control, are serviceable, have the necessary certificates, and are ready for sale.

Professional juicer price from the manufacturer

When choosing equipment for a bar or pub, choose high-quality professional juicers (Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia) so that they are durable and bring excellent results every time they are used. Our company offers a wide range of different products and brands available to meet your needs at competitive prices.

Professional juicers remove juice from whole pieces of fruit without cleaning and grinding beforehand. The juice is mainly collected in a jug, and the remains are separated into another container. If you plan to offer fresh juice to your customers, then you need a high quality, high performance juicer that is built to last and can handle any fruit. For use in bars and pubs, the following elements must be considered when making this all-important decision:

Speed. The last thing a customer wants is to get tired of waiting until the order they asked for is completed. If a trivial drink is served at a snail's pace, the customer may leave and never enter your establishment's door again. So, you need to buy a professional juicer that can work wonders in the shortest possible time. A good commercial juicer needs to be fast enough to produce enough liquid to fill a glass in seconds, so it doesn't have to be small. In addition, it should have a feeding chute large enough to take whole fruits and vegetables without having to cut them by hand first.

Ease of use. Looking for a commercial juicer that won't throw you into confusion when you look at its controls? After all, a juicer with complex controls will result in customers having to wait even longer to get their drinks. The controls should be simple enough that you know what to do just by looking at the device. So if the bar juicer is too complicated, you will have employees who may not be efficient in using it.

Assembly. Another important factor when looking for a commercial juicer is the build. It is important to understand that they cannot be made of plastic because they will break in no time. Typically, these machines are made of metal such as cast aluminum and stainless steel. Due to the roughness that is involved in the juicing process, a firm build is necessary as some devices are used multiple times during the day. Also, since the local workers usually work at high speed, they will use the machine in a hurry.

Price. A professional juicer with a solid build and quality performance won't be the cheapest thing you'll ever see, so be prepared to make a significant investment. If you want a high-end unit, then you simply cannot settle for the first option that comes across.

You have looked into this section not by chance, for sure, you need a juicer that you would like to buy from us at the manufacturer's price. The excellent quality of goods in our store and the price corresponding to the quality attract a huge number of buyers.

If you have a desire to order this or that product, then just call us at the numbers indicated on the site, contact via Skype or write to the e-mail address indicated in the "Contacts" tab.

 Buyers are usually interested in how much the juicer they like will cost, the price in hryvnias is indicated in large blue print, and you can easily find it for each specific model in the product card.

The site also has a price sorting function. In order to use it, while in the “juicers” section, click on the text “price ascending” or “price descending”.

 If your restaurant urgently needs a vegetable juicer, you can always buy it in our store. Order equipment without leaving your own office - it's convenient and fast.

Choose in the catalog the model you need, the parameters of which meet the needs of your restaurant or cafe, and call us. If necessary, you can discuss with the manager the possible ways of delivering the goods to the destination.

But if your cafe, for example, is located in Kosice and you urgently need a fruit juicer that you want to buy in our store, then in this case it is possible to pick up the goods directly from our warehouse, by self-delivery.

In addition, if you bought a product in Kosice and need to deliver it around the city to a specified point, then by prior arrangement we can deliver your purchase to the specified address using our own delivery service. Delivery to other cities of Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia is carried out with the help of carrier companies.

You can buy professional juicers in our store with delivery in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, all settlements, including Koshice, Bratislava, Prague.