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Showcase thermal LMZC-T 160L Altezoro

Thermal showcase Altezoro LMZC-T 160L for 160 liters of volume, installed on the floor - an excellen..
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Show-windows confectionery and gastronomic for supermarkets and shops

If you have your own business related to the food consumer market, then you may well be interested in shop windows, which are presented in the catalog on our website.

When choosing the necessary option for a showcase, do not be afraid of the huge number of types of this professional equipment, because we will always help you quickly understand its main categories.


Trade showcases may vary according to the current thermal regime:




with combined temperature

In addition, there may be showcases:


for chocolate

for ice cream


display cases for sushi

display cases for wine


They are used for storage as well as for displaying various foodstuffs.

Refrigerated display cases are often used in supermarkets, hypermarkets, food markets for displaying meat, fish and seafood, various delicacies, etc.

You can often see this equipment in hotels, pizzerias or fast food establishments.

Refrigerating units of show-windows can be built-in or portable.

Cooling of units is provided static or dynamic.

If you need freezer showcases, then first of all you need to take an interest not only in the size and volume of the showcase itself, but also in its temperature regime

For example, the temperature of your chosen freezer display case can be from -5 to -25 degrees Celsius.

The refrigerant used and operating temperatures largely depend on the manufacturer and brand of the display case.

If the room in which the showcase refrigerator will be installed is small, then it is important to calculate in advance what the length and width of the equipment should be so that it organically “fits” into the interior.

Showcases can be of various shapes and sizes.

Choose a shape, size and volume that is more suitable for your establishment than others.

Think in advance what kind of shape: angular, straight or rounded you need a showcase.

Confectionery showcases often have a rounded, spherical shape with access from all sides. They are used in restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.

You can place cakes, pastries, muffins, rolls, cookies, sandwiches inside such a showcase.

The display part of the showcase is made of stainless steel, the front part is made of tempered glass.

A glass showcase can have straight or curved glass in shape, which can be moved apart, lifted up, leaned forward with fixation.

As a rule, the maintenance of most of the storefronts is carried out through the seller, however, you can also find and buy self-service displaycases in our catalog.

Buy a showcase for a store or supermarket, price from the manufacturer

Confectionery and deli displays can be a great way to increase sales in almost any food service industry, including coffee shops, convenience stores, institutional cafes, airports, grocery stores, and independent and chain restaurants. These gastronomic refrigerated display cases use two main types of cooling: forced air or gravity coil. The best type for you depends on the items you plan to display on their shelves.

Forced air. As their name suggests, these systems rely on fans to circulate cold air throughout the display to keep food contents cold. These deli and pastry display cases are most commonly used for baked goods, packaged foods and some food products. It is important to note that this movement of air can cause the products you display to dry out if left uncovered or left on the shelves for too long.

gravity coil. Such systems are equipped with a cooling coil at the top of the display case, which allows cold air to "fall" over the food. These types of display cases are best suited for raw meats, seafood, salads and other deli products where the drying effect of constantly circulating air is not required. Gravity coils are generally less expensive than forced air coils.

Once you have decided which confectionery or gastronomy displays are right for you, you will need to narrow down your choices, with the following points to consider:

The size. Don't think of size only in terms of how much space is available to display your products. You may have room to fit a large confectionery or deli refrigerated display case, but if most of the products you want to display have a short shelf life and/or a fast processing time, you can often use a smaller model, saving space, energy and money!

Shelving. Deli display cases that have used tiered shelving help maximize the visibility of all products, no matter which shelf they are on, as they bring products closer to the front of the cabinet. Glass shelves allow light to be filtered throughout the display and provide more flexible display options than wire shelves. Your food will "float" and look great!

Style. Many manufacturers offer to buy showcases (Košice and other cities in Slovakia) with both straight glass and curved glass. Curved glass models have an elegant, modern profile. Choose any style that you think will be the best for your work!

If you have a desire and have the opportunity to buy a refrigerated display case that can be used both for displaying products and for storing them, then call the numbers indicated on the website to resolve this issue with our managers.

It is also possible to contact us via skype, email or contact form.

In addition, refrigerated display cases in Kosice can be ordered by visiting our office.

Pay attention to the "contacts" tab, which you need to click on to see on the map the location of our offices in Koszczyce and Bratislava.

There you will also find addresses, landline and mobile phones and other contact details for contacting us.

You can also buy our showcases in Odessa or any other city in Slovakia - it is quite possible to do this, given the capabilities of modern delivery services of various carrier companies.

We will forward the goods you have chosen to the warehouse-representative office of the most suitable carrier company for you (in Kosice and Bratislava).

By prior arrangement, we can deliver showcases in Kosice, or in any other region of Slovakia.

Depending on the possibilities of your budget, you can choose between the highest priced and lowest priced showcases using the price sorting function that has been set up on our website for the convenience of users.

If you want to activate the sorting function in order to find and buy a showcase at the lowest price, then you need to click on "price ascending".

Products in the catalog will line up in order from the lowest price to the highest.

If, on the contrary, you are interested in exclusive showcases made in a modern techno-design style with an exquisite taste, then you need to configure the sorting differently by clicking on “price descending”.

The owner of a respectable retail space will be more interested in the original showcase, the price of which is quite high.

For those customers who are interested in equipping high-end gourmet shops for style and recognition, we have a line of exclusive products.

Some types of showcases are made individually and assembled by hand, for example, such as Criocabin Ebony.

If you like a refrigerated display case in our catalog that you would like to buy immediately, then just register on the site and click the "add to cart" button in the product card.

Do not forget to indicate the number of units of the product if you plan to buy several display cases for your store or supermarket at once.

Our managers will contact you to thoroughly clarify the linear dimensions, characteristics, functionality of the equipment, wishes for accessories.

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