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Dough divider Mecnosud DV 20 T

The production of bakery and confectionery products is not complete without the use of specialized e..
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Dough divider rounder for professional use

 If your company specializes in baking bakery products and you, as a manager, want to make the work of the employees of your bakery, catering, private workshop easier, then your next purchase may well be a dough divider-rounder.

With this professional unit, bakers and their assistants will be able to 100% fulfill the set plan. If you are interested in equipment that operates in semi-automatic and automatic modes, then know that it is capable of dividing dough of various consistency (soft, hard) into a certain number of pieces - hexagonal or rectangular blanks without the direct participation of the operator.

From such blanks it is easy to form products of various shapes, buns and donuts. In different models of units, the number of blanks may be different, but fixed, or you can choose a dough divider that allows you to change the number of blanks of one unit using molding plates with division into a certain number of parts, for example: 15-22-30-36.

The power of most of the equipment described above ranges from 0.5 kW to 1.3 kW. Weight approximately in the range of 175 - 205 kg. Depending on the above parameters, a price is formed for the dough divider. Using this equipment, you can reduce labor costs several times at once. During the whole working day, such a professional unit, especially if it is an automatic or semi-automatic device, is able to safely quickly and accurately divide the dough, immediately rounding it.

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Dough divider-rounder at the manufacturer's price buy in our store

Dough divider-rounder is an industrial equipment for confectionery and bakery products that will help you to make volume division, not to mention that you can round dough and pastries with great success. You can use it as a means to replace manual labor with a mechanical system. Dough rounder and divider is a commercial unit that helps you to increase productivity with great success as well as achieve amazing results, and its functions are very good in this regard.

Commercial dough dividers have a press with cutting blades, a level-moving top structure, bobbin plates for proper dough placement, and a dough rounding system. You also have a control system that makes the process faster and more convenient. Finally, there is also a built-in pressing depth tuner, as it ensures that the space between the dough and the press is properly adjusted.

What should be noted in particular is that the dough rounder offers you a very good way to create confectionery and bakery products with great success. These features are some of the best on the market and the ROI is great all the time. These include adjustable kneading stroke length, removable bowl and easy-to-clean unit, as well as independent kneading and rotating speeds!

It should also be remembered that many dough dividers and rounders tend to have safety and hygienic specifications. Things like the adjacent materials added next to the cutting parts made entirely of stainless steel will help you a lot. In addition, there are some features that are also related to the stability of the industrial divider, which is extremely important.

High performance. Yes, capacity is very important because you are dealing with a commercial unit. The commercial dough divider rounder, which is available for purchase in this category of our online store, can easily produce 30-150 portions per minute with a single divider. Thus, you want results to be available as quickly as possible. The units offered by our European Equipment Technology company are equipped with several heavy duty rollers and can be cleaned very quickly. This brings tremendous convenience and value that you rarely find in a situation like this.

Today, for you, as a manager and owner of an enterprise, it may be one of the important questions: how and where is the best place to buy a dough divider-rounder. We would like to offer to buy this equipment from us at the manufacturer's price and evaluate its high quality.

Such a unit can replace several people at once in your workshop, who are not able to perform this monotonous work more productively and better than professional equipment. For example, you can buy a dough divider Mac Pan, Sottoriva.

This purchase will be quite profitable and will bring not only benefits, but also a considerable income. Such a unit is essential for a bakery or bakery, where a large number of pastries are produced per day. Made of food steel, such a unit will serve you for a long time, without downtime and breakdowns.

 In our catalog you can choose and buy a dough divider from the Chinese manufacturer AlteZoro, which is quite popular in the segment of professional food and bakery equipment. This floor model with a power of 0.75 kW is equipped with a user-friendly and user-friendly control panel and operates in semi-automatic mode. It has a total weight of 340 kg. This unit is powered by 380V.

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