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Glass-ceramic plate Altezoro NV-2000

Single-station glass-ceramic plate Altezoro NV-2000 is designed for heat treatment of food products,..
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Glass-ceramic plate Altezoro NV-4500

Altezoro NV-4500 electric 2-station tabletop cooker with a glass-ceramic surface is designed for hea..
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Glass-ceramic plate EWT INOX AMCD108W

Induction cooker WOK EWT INOX AMCD108W is single-station, the body is made of stainless steel. The w..
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Buy electric and gas stoves

We offer several different types of stoves with many options and configurations to choose from. Let's start with the basics.

The two main types of stoves in the industry are commonly referred to as "restaurant" and "high performance" stoves, which can also be referred to as "main series" or "modular". Restaurant stoves are the most common type and are designed with ease of use and durability in mind. High-performance boards are designed for high-volume use and have a stronger construction; they are often available with more features and options.

Restaurant plates. The most common choice in the industry. Designed as stand-alone, available in various widths in 30 cm increments, from 60 cm to 180 cm; the gas connection is at the rear. Slightly lighter than heavy-duty design, but still designed for busy commercial kitchens. The burners provide a lot of BTU for most cooking tasks.

High performance boards. Designed to be combined "in battery" with other cookers or appliances; the gas connection is often on the front or side to facilitate different configurations. Designed for heavy, high volume applications, they offer thicker metal and welded parts. It has a higher burner output than a restaurant. More expensive.

In this section of our store you will find induction, gas, electric stoves, stationary and table. First of all, when choosing a device, you need to decide which plate from this list you would like to buy.

If you need an electric stove, it is advisable to first determine how many burners you will need in your professional kitchen and how powerful the stove itself should be. The fact is that modern stoves can have one burner or two or six burners.

The appearance of the burners can also be different: the burners are usually round or square, made of cast iron. The power of one burner for different stove models is different. You can set the heating level of each burner using a switch that has several positions.

Also, make sure that the stove is equipped with an oven and ask what power it has. If you have opted for the stationary variant for professional kitchens, then pay attention to the 6-burner stove BERTOS E7P6 + FE1 with oven. The power of this stove is 19.1 kW, the overall dimensions are 1200 * 700 * 900 mm.

In addition to the stationary stove, you may also be interested in an electric table stove, if you already have a support surface (table) and it is not necessary to buy an oven. Such devices are easy to install on a table, have a steel all-round body and 1-6 round or square burners.

For example, the glass ceramic stove Altezoro NV-2000 is connected to the 220V mains. This is the most compact version presented in our catalog with dimensions of 350 * 420 * 100mm. However, if you are interested in an electric industrial stove, then pay attention to the professional table top BERTOS E7PQ6B, which has dimensions of 1200 * 700 * 290 mm, total output 15.6 kW, six cast iron burners with a diameter of 220 mm, each with an output of 2.6 kW . This stove is maximally efficient and comfortable, you can heat or cook 6 different dishes at once.

If you need a gas stove, then you can also buy from us any model that has the number of burners you need from 1 to 8. The maximum gas consumption of an 8-burner stove is 7.3 m3 / h. Such a stove has an oven and may have a built-in drawer for dishes.

If you wish, you can purchase from us the original version of the equipment that combines gas and electricity - a gas stove with an electric oven. Stainless steel is the material from which all the working and internal surfaces of such a plate consist. Gas burners, which can be either the same or different power levels, are made of either cast iron or steel, and some models are nickel-plated. An electric convection oven can have up to three pairs of guides for setting baking sheets at different levels.

Also in our store you will find an induction cooker, in which an electromagnetic coil is installed as a heating element.

Stove industrial electric

Industrial electric stoves are used in the kitchens of catering establishments for cooking, stewing, frying, baking and heat treatment of products. It is versatile, durable and easy to use equipment. The industrial electric stove has a design, all the details of which are worked out to the smallest detail. Such stoves traditionally occupy a leading position in the kitchen, mainly due to the fact that stoves for restaurants, canteens or cafes can last for decades.

Buy an industrial electric stove for a dining room and a restaurant, and you will be able to cook meals for 300 people. At the same time, it is a universal device, especially if the induction cooker in a cafe, restaurant or dining room is equipped with an oven. An electric industrial stove often has a strict design, which only emphasizes its functionality.

The main difference between industrial models and household ones is their increased power, strength and productivity, which allow you to cook continuously for a long time. Distinguish plates for restaurants and plates for canteens. The first - more expensive - are made entirely of stainless steel, the second are only lined with stainless steel. The stoves can be equipped with an oven, which significantly expands the possibilities of their use. But there are also stoves that are installed on a stand, their functionality is limited to cooking in stove-top dishes and does not provide for the possibility of baking meat or fish dishes and baking small-piece culinary products.

Buy an electric or gas stove for production or at home

Here you can profitably buy electric cookers for your production or for your home. Today, such stoves have become increasingly popular and this equipment can be seen not only in canteens, restaurants, cafes or other catering establishments, but also in private homes.

Currently, having the Internet, it will not be difficult to buy an electric tabletop stove in Kosice and Bratislava. You just need to make a few keystrokes and the product is in the basket. And after that, the store managers themselves will call you to clarify the nuances. You can pick up the goods yourself at our office, but this is not a prerequisite.

With the advent of carrier companies, you can buy an electric stove not only in Kosice, but also in other cities of Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia, for example, in Bratislava and others. Representatives of the Postal Companies will deliver the goods you have chosen safe and sound directly to your office or home.

By the way, the owners of small cafes, summer playgrounds, private houses have recently been in demand with a two-burner electric stove, which allows you to save electricity when cooking and at the same time be absolutely independent of the presence of gas in the room. The power of such a stove without an oven can be in the range of 4-6 kW, and with an oven about 9 kW.