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Blender professional Remidag FR-B1 P1

The professional blender Remidag FR-B1 P1 is an excellent choice of equipment for bars, cafes and re..
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Blender Remidag FR-B1 X1

Professional blenders from the Italian company Remidag are an excellent choice of equipment for bars..
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Milkshake mixer Remidag FN A-2 IL

Blender Remidag FN A-2 IL is suitable for mixing cocktails, making cream, kneading dough or making t..
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Milkshake mixer Remidag FN A-2 IM

The mixer from the famous Italian brand Remidag, which develops and manufactures professional equipm..
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Milkshake mixer Remidag FN-A1 PL

The material of the transparent container is polycarbonate. Remidag FN-A1 PL mixers have a robust al..
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Mixers and blenders buy

Mixers and blenders

 This section presents different models of professional mixers and blenders.

Milkshake has long been one of the most popular treats in our country. Buy a mixer for milkshakes and this machine will give you the opportunity to expand the range of dessert dishes offered in any bar or restaurant.

 Such mixers very well mix milk, ice cream and berries into a homogeneous mass, and also whip milkshakes. Cooking takes only a couple of minutes - this is a very functional equipment, with a high return on investment. At the same time, professional equipment is much more reliable and productive - it is used almost continuously and should easily withstand the load that will fall on it.

 Depending on the purpose, mixers are divided into mixers for cocktails and for whipping. Different nozzles allow you to work with different products. Of great importance is the speed of rotation of the whipping body, as well as the volume of the bowl, on which the performance depends. Submersible mixers allow you to work with any containers. Blenders are a type of mixer and can also whip milkshakes, but thanks to the presence of knives, they also allow you to crush ice or fruit. Professional blenders are more durable and powerful. Most models have automatic mixing programs.

Mixer from the manufacturer

We are pleased to offer you high-quality equipment from the manufacturer for professional kitchens. From this catalog for a bar, restaurant, food workshop, we suggest choosing a powerful, durable, productive hand / submersible or stationary mixer from: NEMOX, AlteZoro, REMIDA, Fimar, MACAR, RobotCoupe, Sirman SIRIO.

 You will not know the exhausting whipping and tedious mixing of food masses with such a professional tool. The goods intended for work in the kitchen, which you purchase, were produced on modern innovative equipment, certified. Our managers will be able to recommend you which mixer to buy: either submersible or stationary. Please note that there are two types of stationary mixers: one-station and two-station mixers.

Mixer selection

 If you are planning to buy a mixer in an online store, then immediately determine the amount of work that your new equipment will perform, namely, the dimensions of working containers and the volume of whipped masses.

 In addition, consider which mixer is suitable for your establishment: a regular or multifunctional one that combines the functions of a blender - with special attachments for crumbling, cutting, chopping.

 Of course, you need to know the power of the mixer, the number of speeds available (one, two speeds, or a variator), as well as the maximum speed of the mixer and whisk (their number of revolutions per minute). These are the most important factors that you should immediately pay attention to.

 If you decide to purchase a stationary mixer, then first answer yourself the question of what kind of mixer it should be: one-station or two-station. Of course, the containers included in the set of stationary equipment are not large (from 0.5 to 1.5 liters), but for a small cafe or bar, a single-station mixer may be quite enough.

 Regardless of the volume of containers with the help of such a unit, you can get an airy, lush mass in a matter of minutes. When buying equipment for long-term and frequent use, it is important to consider the material from which the body and bowls are made. As a rule, the kitchen appliances we offer are of high quality made of stainless steel, some have a body made of aluminum and other light alloy materials. When choosing a submersible mixer, it will not be superfluous to find out the net / gross weight and the volume of the bowl capacity serviced by the unit.

Blender from the manufacturer

 We offer to purchase such multifunctional equipment as a blender in the online store, which will work effectively in your kitchen and perform a number of technological operations instead of you while you are busy preparing other dishes.

 The blender is convenient because you can install it permanently on any straight surface, connect it to a 220 V network, load fruit, ice into a transparent glass made of durable plastic, select the speed mode, press the "start" button and ... easily switch to any other type of activity .

 In the meantime, you have a nice conversation with a client at the bar, pouring wine into glasses, work is in full swing inside the blender, fruit is crushed and fruit mousse is formed. You can watch this process even from a distance, thanks to a transparent glass, and if you need to add a couple more ingredients, it doesn’t matter, because there is a special cork on the blender lid. Without turning off the blender and without changing the program, you can add whatever you want through the hole in the lid. Powerful steel blades will crush, crush, mix products of any hardness: ice, coffee beans, nuts, chocolate, vegetables and fruits, cheese.

 And if you suddenly need to leave for a few minutes - remember that your blender is equipped with an emergency microswitch and do not worry in vain. You can buy a blender right now by contacting our manager by phone or leaving a request on the "contacts" tab of our website.

Blender selection

Professional bar blenders are ideal for making signature cocktails such as margaritas, daiquiris or pina coladas. And although some consider them not as reliable as food blenders, the models collected in this category of our online store are ready to refute this opinion at any time!

Many of these blenders have clear containers (bowls) that improve product visibility, and some even come with soundproof shrouds, which is a plus for working in already noisy bars. It's important to choose bar blenders that are fully commercial because you want them to last. It is worth understanding that a home blender will not have the required capacity and is not intended for continuous daily use! It is extremely important to consider the blender capacity, power output and material.

The type of bar blender you need will greatly depend on the environment in which it will be used. For example, making a smoothie all day long will require a completely different device than making just a few smoothies a night. First of all, consider the type of business you are running. For what products will you use a bar blender? Will you use it to make creamy soups or make tempting smoothies? Then think about how often you will use it. Some blenders are designed to be easier to use and will not work in an environment where they are used to make dozens of drinks every day. In addition, some professional blenders have features such as programmable controls or timers that make them more efficient for use in large kitchens and bars. If you're going to be making the same recipe over and over again, or want to set the blender to a specific time and do other tasks while it does its job, some of these features can make up for the higher price by saving you time and labor.

The size. You should always choose the right size! This means that you need to determine the number of ml in the container (bowl) of the blender, so think about what you will mix. If you specialize in cocktails, then you'll need something that's fast, efficient, and with a bigger bowl to handle larger orders.

Material. Choose from glass, plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most practical, but glass or plastic is great for demonstrating cocktail making!

Nutrition. Get the right power for your bar or pub. Bar blenders typically have between 750 and 1500 watts of power, giving you enough power to crush ice cubes and blend drinks perfectly. If you are serving thicker drinks or need to use your blender to mix solid ingredients, select 1500 watts or more.

Speed. Typically, for use in bars and pubs, you will need a high speed, low speed and pulse action switch.

If you like a multifunctional unit for working in the kitchen, then we will help you choose a blender for you, which combines a number of functions and operates in several modes like a chopper, mixer, cutter. With it, you can easily mince, knead dough, chop or puree vegetables, whip cream and crush hard nuts. , Hamilton Beach, which are presented in this section of the site.

We will help you choose equipment with a powerful engine and a large container if you have a large catering establishment and need a wear-resistant, durable unit. You can buy a blender in the online store with a power of up to 1.2 kW, operating at speeds up to 22,000 rpm, having several speeds and a pulsation mode, as well as choosing the weight and dimensions that are most suitable for your catering establishment.

 If you need equipment that has a solid steel body structure, a blade that crushes any solid product, a capacious sealed glass, stable rubber feet in order to prevent slipping on the surface during operation, we will instantly help you choose the right product and provide its characteristics.