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Sterilizer for knives Altezoro EMPBST001

The implementation of universally recognized sanitary standards in the kitchen is a prerequisite for..
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UV sterilizers for knives

When choosing dishwashing equipment, use UV knife sterilizers to maintain good sanitation and keep cutlery as clean as possible. These systems remove almost 100% of bacteria from the surface of knives, including germs that remain on blades after regular cleaning.

Sterilizers for knives and musats Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia recommends choosing from systems that use ultraviolet light or disinfectant to clean knives, depending on your preferences. Cleaning these essential kitchen helpers is easier than ever with these easy-to-use and effective disinfection systems.

Sterilizers for knives and musat, buy in Slovakia, which are recommended in our online store, help your employees quickly and easily keep cutlery clean for future use, so you can easily adhere to sanitary standards. We offer sterilizing systems that use liquid disinfectants and ultraviolet light to effectively clean knives: just wash them as you normally would and place them in a UV sterilizer for a certain amount of time to remove almost 100% of bacteria. This design removes bacteria that regular washing fails to remove or dirt that collects in areas that are more difficult to clean.

sterilizers for knives and musats of Slovakia

Our ultraviolet knife sterilizers are designed specifically to help maintain hygiene regulations, and they can accommodate many appliances at once: they clean up to one dozen knives at a time, from handle to tip, while liquid sterilizing systems immerse knife blades in disinfectant. solution. After removing the knives from the liquid disinfection system, simply let them air dry to make sanitation simple.

Why does Kosice recommend buying knife sterilizers from us?

If you choose sterilizers, the Altesoro online store confidently offers options that have a number of advantages over competitors, namely:

Material. The production uses environmentally friendly antibacterial materials, thick, high temperature resistant, built-in stainless steel rack.

Design. UV sterilizers have a small footprint and can be placed anywhere.

Function. They can be used to dry and disinfect high-temperature dishes, tea cups, stainless steel, ceramics and other items.

Capacity. Large capacity design, reasonable storage, suitable for daily use.

Applicability. Using the device is so simple that adults, children and the elderly can do it.

You can buy sterilizers in Slovakia on our website with delivery to all major cities.