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Frying top Bertos E7FR4M

The Bertos E7FR4M electric frying top is the perfect choice for true professionals. This ribbed mode..
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Gas grill plate Bertos G7FR4M

The Gas grill plate Bertos G7FR4M gas frying top is a large and reliable thermal equipment that will..
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Gas grill plate Bertos G7FR8-M2

The gas grill plate Bertos G7FR8M2 is an impressive in size and unique in performance kitchen equipm..
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Frying surface to buy

Roasting surface gas and electric, options

The frying surface is equipment designed for cooking omelettes, steaks, pancakes and other hot foods by direct contact of food with the heating surface. The frying surface is a necessary attribute of any professional kitchen along with stoves.

The frying surface has a temperature regulator, which allows you to maintain the optimal heating level for cooking a particular dish. The range of achieved temperatures ranges from 30-300 C. The surface itself can be smooth, corrugated, or a combination of both types. Along the perimeter of the working area, it is protected by a side that prevents splashing of fat.

Zharochny surfaces can be both gas, and electric. Gas models are especially relevant for mobile eateries where there is no stationary power supply. Are established on legs or on a special support. The working area in the frying surfaces is designed in such a way that heat is transferred only to the points of contact with the product.

The surface is easy to clean, easy to maintain and compact to store.

Buy a frying surface from a manufacturer in your city

 If you decide to buy a frying top for cooking your favorite and often cooked dishes, then our managers will be able to advise you on the most suitable model. It can be a stationary or portable frying surface of the required size, with a smooth or corrugated worktop, with a gas or electrical connection.

 Such professional equipment will allow you to easily and quickly cook both pancakes, pancakes, casseroles, as well as various meat and fish cutlets, chops, shawarma, vegetable side dishes and much more. Buy from us a frying surface made of stainless high-quality steel of the required dimensions, type, power at an affordable price.

 The compact frying surface for fast food is very convenient in use. The desktop version is especially versatile, which is quite easy to transport, carry and rearrange from one place to another. You can purchase a corrugated, smooth or combined frying surface for cooking fast food. The combined surface allows you to increase the variability of cooking products.

In addition, in our store you can purchase a frying surface for shawarma. On the steel sheet of the frying surface, slices of meat are perfectly prepared, retaining all their useful properties. Excess fat and oil can be easily removed thanks to a specially built-in tray directly under the frying surface.

Also, such a frying surface for grilling can be used perfectly. The corrugated structure of the frying surface is perfect for this purpose. You can cook meat, homemade sausage, fish and vegetables on it, which will have a truly magnificent look, taste and aroma. Fried slices of sweet pepper, zucchini, eggplant can decorate gourmet dishes in restaurants, canteens and cafes.

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