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Ice crusher Fimar TRGM

Ice crusher Fimar TRGM for breaking ice, can be used for making mojitos, frozen cocktails, etc. Pain..
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Ice crushers and ice crushers buy Kosice, Prague

An ice crusher is essential when serving cool drinks, especially those made with crushed ice or with crushed ice as a garnish. Often ice crushers are used to present drinks beautifully, and if you specialize in making cocktails, then this tool is not a luxury, but an everyday necessity!

You need something fast, strong and efficient. Your machine should make crushed ice in seconds and be able to crush large amounts, which is important if you're making multiple drinks with crushed ice. Look for something powerful and durable, made from durable stainless steel that can handle 2 to 3 kg of ice at a time. Additionally, pay attention to the safety measures on the feeder and pallet. If you don't need a big product, you can buy an ice crusher, choosing from a variety of small devices that take up little space and are ideal for placing on a work surface or in the back of a bar.

An ice crusher can also become an essential part of any kitchen - for example, if you're making smoothies and need to crush ice to add it to pulsing vegetables, using an ice crusher will be invaluable. Despite the popularity of food processors and mixers, it is the unit specially designed for this purpose that is the best choice for crushing ice, smoothies or other frozen drinks. Use this guide to find the perfect ice crusher for any bar.

Durability. Ice crushers with plastic components tend to get lower durability ratings, however stainless steel and other metal ice crushers hold up better over time. Which jar comes with the device (plastic, glass, polycarbonate or metal) also affects its lifespan.

Power. The best ice crushers will require a more powerful motor with a minimum power of 500W. Not all models are created equal, and manufacturers claim this with power requirements. An industrial ice crusher in terms of power can vary from 300 to 1500 W, but this is not as important as you think; although it is true that the more power, the better it can handle solids like ice.

Capacity. It is usually made from one of four different materials: plastic, glass, polycarbonate, and metal. Plastic bowls are the least expensive option, and their lightweight design makes them easy to handle when filling. However, they are prone to scratches over time and may retain food odors.

Ease of cleaning. After crushing ice, you can easily clean the ice crusher. Some unmistakable signs of ease of care include removable parts and dishwasher-safe parts.

In our store you can find a huge amount of professional kitchen appliances and equipment, including an ice crusher. Such equipment is most often purchased for bars and restaurants, nightclubs, where visitors most often order cold cocktails and drinks for themselves, their company.

They can be either ordinary fruit juices, lemonade, cola, or alcoholic / low alcohol drinks, for example, wine, champagne, twist. The ice crusher, as well as the ice crusher, allows you to get crushed ice, which is an excellent cooling filler.

An iced drink always looks very beautiful in a transparent glass or a crystal glass. If in your bar you are going to prepare various drinks that visitors usually drink through a straw, for example, mojito, swizzle, cobbler, sparkling cocktails and fruit cocktails, then you just need to buy an electric ice crusher as soon as possible.

 In the assortment of our store you can easily find this equipment with the parameters and characteristics that interest you. All ice crushers and ice crushers presented in our store have a metal body and steel knives.

They differ in their performance, power, number of revolutions per minute, bowl capacity, weight, size, shape of the unit. If you decide to buy an ice crusher, then call the managers of our store and explain what dimensions, weight and performance of the unit you need.

We will be able to provide you with a choice of equipment from various manufacturers that have been supplying the professional kitchen goods market with their products for many years and are leaders in sales. We offer you to buy a high-quality ice crusher at the manufacturer's price, without unnecessary overpayments and worries in the bar equipment section.

In our catalog there are such trademarks as Fimar, AlteZoro, Remida, Macap, JeJu. The products of these companies have a reliable case, high-quality knives and, in some models, an automatic protection system, thanks to which such a unit as an ice crusher or ice crusher will only work if the loading socket cover is closed.