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Grill electric pressure Altezoro MN-813 K

Case - stainless steel. The lower working surface is 740x230 mm, the two upper surfaces are ribbed -..
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Grills and toasters professional buy

Are you in need of professional-grade grills and toasters for your restaurant, café, or eatery? Look no further than Altezoro, the top provider of high-quality kitchen equipment in Kosice, Slovakia. Our selection of grills and toasters are perfect for any commercial kitchen, and we offer them at unbeatable prices straight from the manufacturer.

When you shop at Altezoro, you'll have access to a wide variety of grills and toasters to suit any need. Our professional toasters are built with high-quality materials and designed to last for years of flawless operation without serious breakdowns. You'll be able to choose from desktop or stationary models and find the size and performance level that best fits your planned volumes of products.

Our professional-grade toasters come equipped with air ventilation systems, rotary conveyors, timers, speed regulators, and special tongs for sandwiches. With different dimensions, power, and technical features, our toasters are perfect for cooking up hot pizza, convenience foods, ruddy sausages, warm sandwiches, and more. With an Altezoro toaster, you'll be able to successfully sell hot products at any outlet or catering establishment, increasing your profits and boosting your production.

But that's not all - our catalog also includes different types of grills, including lava, contact (pressure), and vapo-grills. Lava grills contain volcanic lava stones in their design, which gives dishes the look, smell, and taste of those cooked on an open fire. These grills are ideal for cooking steaks, vegetables, and fish and don't require the addition of fat. The pressure (contact) grill, on the other hand, allows you to heat food from two sides at once and is perfect for cooking sandwiches, meat, fish, and vegetables in tight spaces. Our vapo-grill allows you to cook food with the smell of fire and leaves them juicy and practically doesn't lose weight during cooking, achieving a special tenderness of ready-made dishes due to steam humidification during cooking.

In addition to our professional toasters and grills, we also offer electric grills for both professional and household use. These grills allow you to cook or heat several units of finished products at once in a short period of time, providing a pleasant taste, ruddy, slightly fried crust, and aroma inherent in each product. If you're the owner of a fast food establishment or a cramped kitchen with no centralized gas supply, an electric grill is the perfect solution. And if you're interested in an electric lava grill, which incorporates a lava stone that acts as charcoal, we have that too - both electric and gas models are available.

At Altezoro, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality grills and toasters straight from the manufacturer at unbeatable prices. Our professional-grade equipment will improve the quality and speed of service for visitors to your establishment, ensuring they're always satisfied with your finished products. So why wait? Buy your professional-grade grills and toasters today from Altezoro and start cooking up success! Our products are always in stock and available for order, so don't hesitate to contact us today.