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In any business, the little things are important, and almost all life consists of them. Attention to detail allows you to achieve perfection and the best result. That is why in any kitchen, not only high-quality equipment, but also kitchen utensils are of great importance. It is very important to give it as much attention as the equipment, and even more.


Our company offers a wide range of everything necessary for cafes, bars, hotels, as well as for all catering establishments. You can find everything designed for various technologies that are used in the cooking process. With our help, you will be able to place high-quality, professional kitchen utensils in your kitchen. Make sure that your chefs can work in comfort, and over time, all invested funds will return to you in the form of fast and high-quality cooking, friendly staff and satisfied customers.

We have a wide range of: professional porcelain, table glass and cutlery, serving items, thermal containers, gastronorm containers, aprons, trays, bar and kitchen utensils, kitchen boards, professional knives, pots, pans and stewpans, inventory for pizzerias and bakery production, confectionery equipment - everything that you may need in the kitchen in the process of work. And, besides, we always have kitchen utensils at the most pleasant price for your wallet.

All items presented on our website have certificates, comply with international quality standards and are made of environmentally friendly materials. You can be sure that our kitchen equipment will serve you for many years and will please even the most demanding cook. A dish that is served in beautiful dishes will always be more to the taste of the client and he will definitely want to visit your establishment again. It is especially worth paying attention to gourmet customers. Perhaps they have higher requirements and demands, but, as a result, if your establishment is to the taste of a person who loves haute cuisine, excellent advertising and an increase in the number of regular wealthy customers are guaranteed.

Tableware for restaurants

Our store has dishes for restaurants of the following world famous brands: Cambro, Paderno, Lacor, Ballarini, Stalgast, Arcos, Forest, Pintinox, Pasabahce, Arcoroc, Lubiana, Wilmax, Silicomart, Martellato and others. We have been working exclusively with reliable, trusted suppliers for many years, so we can offer not only a standard range, but also supplies of exclusive items. After all, tableware for restaurants should surprise and delight even the most demanding customer. In addition, if your restaurant or cafe has something that no one else in your city will have, it will definitely attract new customers and provide you with recommendations. “Yesterday we were at a restaurant where our favorite wine was served in handmade crystal decanters! And it really fully opened its bouquet! I recommend you to go to this wonderful place!” - this is how, for example, visitors can share their impressions about your unique novelties.

Tableware for cafe

The goods sold by our company differ in a large price range, which will allow you to choose the right one for both representatives of large elite restaurants and owners of small establishments who need utensils for cafes. Whatever price segment you choose, we can guarantee that everything will serve you for a long time and with high quality. Our experienced managers will quickly help you choose exactly what you need for your business, because the dishes for a cafe are very diverse and without expert advice it is quite difficult to choose everything correctly and competently. How many plates do you need for 20 seats, what glasses should you buy for white and red wine, what diameter pizza molds and boards have, do you need a grill pan or a Teflon-coated pan, which knives are better for cutting tender salmon fillet - answers to All these questions are known to our specialists.


Almost every restaurant has its own bar. Or maybe you have a small hotel and a bar is just the only place where a client can have a bite to eat and drink a cup of coffee? In any case, it is worth taking good care of the arrangement of the bar counter and the equipment of the bartender with all the necessary little things. Contact us, we will pick up everything you need, taking into account all your wishes. You can not worry - your barware will delight you and your customers every day. It is also worth noting that alcoholic beverages are a good source of income for a restaurateur. Therefore, you must make sure that your barware - a beautiful glass, glass or glass, even more motivates the visitor to say "Repeat!"

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