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Frying pan WOK for induction IW35 Bartscher 105981

Frying pan WOK (WOK) for induction cooker Bartscher IW35 105981 is irreplaceable utensils for modern..
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Which pan should the pros use - cast iron, aluminum or non-stick?

If you need a special professional frying pan for intensive use in a catering establishment, then we recommend buying it in our store at manufacturer prices. In our catalog you will find a wide variety of professional quality tableware of various shapes and sizes. In addition, in our store there is the possibility of choosing this type of cookware from different types of materials, for example, a stainless steel pan, aluminum, cast iron.

Dishes from the materials listed above are in the greatest demand among consumers due to their physical properties. Not only the process of cooking in it, but also the appearance of food, its taste and even smell will depend on the right choice of a pan.

The cast-iron frying pan you have chosen, which, as a rule, has a rather impressive weight, will serve you for a long time without deforming from exposure to high temperatures, possible impacts when dropped, and even after 20 years it will perfectly retain its original appearance.

Such a frying pan, when cooking, will perfectly retain, distribute heat throughout the volume, and then, when the coolant is turned off, keep it for a long time, while cooling slowly. Cast iron is absolutely safe for humans, it does not react with food, and the food tastes great.

If you need an aluminum frying pan, then remember that this type of cookware is often used in professional kitchens due to the fact that it does not corrode, is easy to clean and wash, is light, and has a relatively low price. Its disadvantages include susceptibility to various deformations when heated, as well as the ability to react with food that has an acidic or alkaline environment.

To eliminate the latter, professionals have developed a non-stick coating for the pan.

Cookware with such a coating can be made of both aluminum and stainless steel, successfully used for cooking any food, and does not react with food. This coating does not change the taste and smell of cooked food, allows you to cook food without the use of oil and fat.

Many cooks believe that a non-stick frying pan is an ideal utensil for cooking fried or stewed vegetables, meat, fish, but they recommend using wooden spatulas and other related non-metal utensils to work with it, so as not to damage the fragile coating.

In our catalog there are deep, medium, small frying pans for meat, fish, vegetables, as well as a pancake frying pan, a frying pan - a saucepan.

What pans to buy in Kosice recommend professional chefs?

Do you want to cook like a professional chef? Watch how they cook on TV, follow the recipes and read all the tips, but something is missing. Many people are convinced that the secret is in the cookware, such as a professional frying pan, and they may be right!

Many cooks find a particular pot, ladle, or pan that suits them, and in that regard, they will never change: there are even chefs who bring home their favorite professional pans from the restaurant every night so that they cannot be lost or stolen. Therefore, if you want to buy frying pans in Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia, in which you can cook like chefs, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common types for frying or sautéing used by professionals:

Professional aluminum frying pans

Stainless steel pans

Copper analogues

Cast iron pans.

In Kosice, as in any other city in Slovakia, you can find any of these types, realizing that each has its own characteristics and advantages, as well as at least one disadvantage.

Aluminum is arguably the most common restaurant cookware, and the reason is mainly cost. Aluminum pans distribute heat well: not as good as copper, but the latter is more expensive. Restaurants go through a lot of pots and pans a year, and aluminum is strong enough to withstand most restaurants for extended periods of time. Aluminum is soft, so wood or nylon tools should be used to avoid scratching it.

Stainless steel pans have an excellent surface for dishes, however, they do not distribute heat very well over it. If your pan is off-center over a heat source, you may find that only one portion gets hot and the food away from the heat doesn't heat up. Stainless steel pans are worth buying because of their durability.

Copper is a wonderful surface, but many products stick and it's expensive. Copper is probably best for even heat distribution and looks great when hung by the handle, but it also scratches and loses visual appeal quite quickly.

Cast iron frying pan, buy Kosice which by physical effort, because this fixture is heavy! Excellent durable surface with excellent heat distribution and they will become "seasoned" over time. Cast iron pans really "spice up" many dishes!

How to choose and buy the best quality frying pan?

If you open your restaurant, canteen or other catering establishment and decide to buy a frying pan in an online store, then be sure to carefully review our catalog from start to finish. We offer to purchase from us high-quality and reliable frying pans from manufacturers from China, Spain, Poland, which are very popular and have established themselves as successful companies in the market for many years.

You can choose from us and buy a round, oval, square, cone-shaped frying pan. For example, you might be interested in the Ballarini Single or Double Handle Oval Fish Pan, 32 cm in diameter, made of aluminum alloy with a non-stick coating.

If you want to buy a cast-iron pan in an online grill store, pay attention to the dishes of the Polish company Stalgast in square and rectangular shapes. A square frying pan with dimensions of 240*240*30 mm has a weight of 2.6 kg, and a rectangular plate of 480*260*20 mm has a weight of 5 kg.

In addition, in our store there are dishes of a similar shape from China. This is a square cast-iron frying pan that you can buy at a price an order of magnitude lower than Stalgast and at the same time save your money.

If you want to choose an omelet or donut pan in our catalog, which requires special divisions, then we can offer you dishes from a Chinese company with a diameter of 22.5 cm and 23 cm, having 8 and 7 cells, respectively. Also, restaurant managers and professional chefs will be interested in a wok pan, a pancake pan and a stew pan, which you can buy from us at any time convenient for you, using all available communication methods listed on the "Contacts" tab.

In addition to the cast iron cookware described above, our managers will also help you choose the right aluminum or stainless steel cookware that is required for use in your kitchen. Today you can buy a stainless steel pan from Ballarini, which can be used for all types of stoves without exception. This frying pan has a thickened three-layer bottom made of steel and aluminum.

The diameter of pans of this type is 28 cm, 32 cm, 40 cm. In addition, we recommend paying attention to pans with a "sandwich" bottom and non-stick coating, which are made in Spain. You can also find Stalgast's Teflon-coated round aluminum frying pan to work in a professional kitchen.

Such a frying pan in the online store will not cost you much, you can buy it from us at an attractive price.