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Ice maker Aristarco CP 20.6A

For professional ice making, you can use the Aristarco CP 20.6A ice maker, which has a well-deserved..
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Ice maker CP 25.6А Aristarco

The modern Aristarco CP 25.6A ice maker is a practical solution for those who want to get ice withou..
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Ice maker CP 30.10A Aristarco

The modern Aristarco CP 30.10A ice maker is a practical solution for those who want to get ice witho..
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Ice maker CP 50.25A Aristarco

If you are looking for a high-quality ice maker, this model is exactly what you need. Despite its pe..
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Ice Makers buy

An industrial ice maker is not a novelty, but today this equipment has surpassed all the expectations of professionals, because it is improved, made in a new quality, has a modern design and is quite compact in size. Such equipment is always in demand and is in increasing demand.

Especially popular is the ice maker for flake ice, which is useful for owners of fish markets, large hyper- and supermarkets, specialized butcher shops, etc. Such equipment is also indispensable at meat and fish processing enterprises, for example, for cooling sausages and seafood.

The ice generator will be necessary in the bakery and confectionery industry. It is used in cases where it is necessary to quickly cool the dough in large quantities. If you are a manufacturer of agricultural products, then equipment such as an ice maker can also be useful for cooling vegetables and fruits during transportation, or for their long-term storage.

It will be useful to purchase this unit for manufacturers and distributors of gourmet products - the taste, color and smell of the goods are perfectly preserved under ice flakes. If you need equipment for a restaurant, cafe, nightclub, bar or large hotel complex, we recommend purchasing an ice cube ice maker.

Such a unit is especially useful when holding crowded events where large masses of people gather: multi-day concerts and carnivals, beauty contests, large-scale business conferences, sports competitions, product fairs. If you are planning to carry out the above events in the near future, then you should definitely buy an industrial ice maker from us.

The most powerful and productive of them are flake ice makers. Their productivity is from 400 to 1000 kg of ice per day, and the power is from 1.6 to 3.4 kW. We can also offer to choose from us units of medium power and productivity - these are ice makers of granular and cube ice, the productivity of which is 100-150 kg of ice per day. If you need an ice maker for your home, and you are still in search, then our managers 

Type and scope of ice machine

 An ice maker is a machine for making ice cubes. In the summer heat, it is so nice to refresh yourself with soft drinks! And if you started a homemade cocktail, you can’t do without ice. Buy an ice maker and it will come in handy at home, in the country, in the office, in a restaurant or cafe - wherever you need to have fresh ice on hand.

The ice generator is intended for production of food and technical ice from fresh and sea water. Ice is produced in the form of cubes, flakes, slabs, crystals (snow), etc.

Ice generators are used in the work of public catering enterprises (edible ice, which is added to cocktails and some dishes), as well as in the field of trade (chilled products are laid out on flake ice in supermarkets, sometimes ice is needed to transport certain goods).

Depending on the source of water, the equipment can be connected to the water supply system and filler. The first one produces ice on an industrial scale, the second one is more compact and low-productive, it produces up to 15 kg of ice per day.

Buy an ice maker from us at the manufacturer's price

For decades, a home-owned ice maker has been the exception rather than the rule. Obtaining and installing these machines at home or in commercial establishments involved a large investment and numerous inconveniences, however, now technology is on our side.

Over the years, the best technologies have been invested in providing more efficient and convenient cooling solutions. In this catalog of ours, everyone will be able to choose an ice machine for the home from leading brands in the industry that have been innovating for decades, developing new solutions for the ice industry. Thanks to highly trained professionals and the commitment they have put into producing high quality products, today our customers can enjoy the best ice at home and at work.

It is worth noting that buying an ice machine in Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia will be useful both for private use and for companies in the hotel business and restoration, since for the “players” in this area, the availability of a highly efficient ice machine is of paramount importance. While we used to rely on ice companies to serve the end consumer, we can now have freshly made ice cubes under our own roof. When it comes to helping customers in hotels and restaurants, service quality is everything. When we don't have the ability to offer ice when needed, we compromise the quality of the experience. Businesses in this sector depend on this service to grow and succeed. Therefore, having a high performance ice maker that meets expectations is fundamental to complement experience in these delicate sectors, thus meeting the demands that many customers may have on a daily basis.

 If you decide to buy an industrial ice maker, then purchase this serious equipment from us. Direct deliveries from the manufacturer of these products allow us to maintain the lowest prices for the product with its high quality. The equipment is delivered to the warehouse, and then to the buyer extremely carefully in a strong package.

It is from us that you can buy the highest quality and not expensive ice machine in Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia, which will serve you for many years and bring a lot of benefits.

 We invite you to choose from our catalog ice makers of such brands: Aristarco, Kastel, AlteZoro, which are quite well-known as manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment and inspire confidence in customers due to the excellent long-term operation of their equipment, which has been operating without breakdowns and failures for years.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable ice machine in Kosice and Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia, then you will not find a more suitable store than ours. We are ready to offer you ice generators of several categories. You can choose this equipment based on such indicators as:

Performance; Power; ice type; Dimensions; Connection to a network 220 or 380V; Control

Performance and power are the values ​​that you should be guided by when determining which ice machine to buy: industrial or for home use. In addition, pay attention to the dimensions and the ability to connect to the desired electrical network.

For example, if you are buying equipment for the home, then a unit designed for connection to a 380 V network should be immediately ignored by you, because home sockets are usually designed for 220 V. You can determine the unit you need by the type / shape of ice in depending on destination.

Cube ice is used to cool drinks, cocktails and some second courses, in salad bars and buffets. For such an ice maker, the price may vary depending on its performance and power. In addition, the prestige of the brand plays an important role.

In terms of size and weight, this type of equipment can be miniature, small-sized or medium. The unit purchased in our store (producing cube ice) in terms of productivity can range from 15 to 150 kg / day. In any case, no matter which ice maker you choose, the price for it is lower than that of our competitors.

Ice makers are modern and necessary equipment that should be present in any professional kitchen of a catering establishment. All models of such equipment have high performance, modern design, affordable cost and compact dimensions, so you can choose exactly what you need. The price of equipment will directly depend on which model you prefer. You can buy an ice maker at any time in our online store.

An ice maker will be appropriate for any food production, as it will greatly simplify and optimize the workflow. Therefore, it is necessary to buy the presented equipment at an affordable price from us, and not to doubt its impeccable quality. If you do not know which model of equipment to give your preference to be satisfied with the decision, then you can always contact our specialists who will be happy to help you. It is important to remember that the price of the presented equipment directly depends on its power and other features that are important to consider. Choose high-quality ice generators from us and you will be satisfied with your decision.