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Do you want to organize high-quality dishwashing? Then you need to buy special equipment, such as the Krupps Koral 1100E dishwasher. This model is suitable for washing not only dishes and appliances, but also pots, pans, baking plates and other kitchen utensils.

The Krupps Koral K1100E dishwasher is equipped with a dome loading method. Washing time has been significantly reduced compared to previous models, while the manufacturer managed to maintain a high quality of dishwashing.

The maximum allowable container height is 39 cm.

To obtain a professional level of dishes' processing, it is important to comply with the allowable sizes of dishes indicated by the manufacturer. It is also important to ensure that the water supply takes place taking into account the requirements of this equipment. The dishwasher of this model requires a water supply pressure of at least 2 bar.

The Krupps Koral K1100E model complies with all European quality standards. Case material – stainless steel. Distinctive features of the device are ease of use, high-quality assembly and wide functionality. The Krupps Koral K1100E dishwasher automates the process of washing dishes in the kitchen, freeing up staff for other work.

The manufacturer Krupps belongs to the technologically advanced companies, and their iKloud system confirms this. The system is used to establish a wireless connection with the terminal, and is the best illustration of the company's attitude to the needs of its customers.

iKloud solves most problems, allowing the company to value the time of its customers, which is why they launched iKloud on the market and continue to work on improving it.

The system allows:

  • remotely configure or adjust parameters
  • find out in time about the presence of malfunctions or other problems
  • to carry out constant monitoring of the machines installed in the production
  • plan maintenance according to the schedule
  • provide permanent access to the data of the units
  • work with a convenient display
  • fine-tune the interface and the system as a whole for a specific user
  • control the consumption of electricity
  • set the time for the equipment to turn on and off
  • perform self-diagnosis.

Krupps dishwashers are equipped with this system and the Uniko touch control display, which is made of tempered glass. The updated interface is simple and convenient. The start screen displays data on the progress of the wash cycle and energy consumption.

There are also 15 additional icons dedicated to custom wash cycles. Choosing the right dishwasher program is as simple and convenient as possible, just click on the option you like and start the machine.

The Krupps Koral K1100E dishwasher, which you can buy on our website at a nice price, is an innovation with unsurpassed service that can completely change the dishwasher market!


Gross weight, kg
Maximum dish height, mm
stainless steel
power, kWt
Supply voltage, V
Water connection
Sewer connection
60 kg/h
The size, mm
Cassette dimensions, mm
Producing country
Washing cycle, sec

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