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Dough divider Mecnosud DV 20 T

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8,689.00 €


The production of bakery and confectionery products is not complete without the use of specialized equipment. Dough divider Mecnosud DV 20 T manufactured by the Italian company Mecnosud is characterized by high performance and versatility. Includes two gratings for dividing. Grid GRI 6 - 8 * 40 cm (baguette) for 6 divisions and grid GRI 10-2 - 9.6 * 20 cm (ciabata) for 10 divisions. Depending on the chosen lattice, a different number of blanks will be obtained, but the weight and shape of all the blanks obtained will be identical. Even the most experienced baker will not be able to provide such a perfect formation of blanks, but the Mecnosud DV 20 T dough divider is capable of this. In one working cycle, the dough divider can process from 5 to 17 kilograms of dough. Such equipment will significantly speed up the production of bakery products, because after leaving the chamber, the products are ready for proofing or baking, and do not require any additional processing. Dough divider Mecnosud DV 20 T is equipped with a unique system that eliminates the possibility of dough degassing, leaving the structure of the finished product soft and porous. The process of dividing the dough is provided by stainless steel blades.


Net weight, kg
Type of equipment
dough divider
Loading, kg
Source of power
stainless steel
power, kWt
Supply voltage, V
20 units
The size, mm

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