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Slicer ESSEDUE 275

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470.00 €


Businesses and establishments that cut and pack their own products, such as supermarkets, factories, restaurants and shops, simply need specialized equipment, such as a professional slicer. The slicer Essedue 275 is made of an anti-corrosion aluminum alloy, which reduces the impact of moisture, detergents and environmental factors on structural parts. It has a built-in sharpening tool, and the device itself is easy to clean.

Among the presented models, this unit has the highest performance indicator, giving out the maximum amount of finished products. The working process is safe and convenient due to the deep carriage and the small size of the cutting area. Suitable for working with various products - meat, fish, bread, vegetables, fruits, cheeses. A special Teflon coating prevents soft products from sticking, leaving a perfect even cut.

The maximum size of the cut product - 210x250 mm

Mobile carriage - 230x250 mm, carriage travel - 260 mm


Net weight, kg
Blade length, cm
anti-corrosion aluminum alloy
power, kWt
Supply voltage, V
The size, mm
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