Blender Remidag FR-B1 X1 Buy, price in Kosice, Bratislava, Presov, Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Blender Remidag FR-B1 X1 buy

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Professional blenders from the Italian company Remidag are an excellent choice of equipment for bars, cafes and restaurants. They successfully combine the functions of several separate electrical appliances at once: cutter, mixer, grinder. Using the Remidag FR-B1 X1 blender, you can not only prepare a cocktail with fruit and chocolate, but also chop and mix vegetables for salad, whip cream, mayonnaise, custard, scrambled eggs, vegetable puree. And that is not all! Powerful cutting surfaces of the device easily grind garlic and cheese, raw vegetables and fruits. And all this is done by the same blender. The glass of the blender for mixing ingredients is made of wear-resistant food grade stainless steel. The motor operates in two-speed mode. The compact dimensions of the blender allow you to install it directly on the bar, which will not constrain the bartender at all. Products are loaded into the blender container already cut into large pieces, in order to avoid getting stuck between the knives and the bottom of the glass.


Power, kWt
Net weight, kg
Source of power
Stainless steel
Work surface material
Stainless steel
Supply voltage, V
The size, mm
Speed, rpm
type of instalation
Case color

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