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Pre-rinse shower Altezoro JPOYD03

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The shower device will help you quickly and easily prepare the dishes for loading into the dishwasher by cleaning the surface of the plates from food residues. Model Altezoro JPOYD03 of Turkish production can be bought profitably in our online store, the price always matches the quality. The device is mounted on a special bathtub or on top of the sink, which makes it convenient to use the device in tandem with other washing equipment in the kitchen. If the production does not have a dishwasher, then a shower device will help speed up the process of washing dishes by hand. The design of the Altezoro JPOYD01 model is made of stainless steel, there are two taps at the bottom - for cold and hot water. The convenient hose bends under the necessary corner. Most often, a shower device for the kitchen is used in conjunction with a special bath, sink and table for washing dishes. Buying a shower device for the kitchen of a restaurant, bar or cafe is definitely worth it, such a device will be a great helper.

Mounting on the sink, shower from above.


Type of equipment
pre-rinse shower
stainless steel
Producing country

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