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Gas grill plate Bertos G7FR4M

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The Gas grill plate Bertos G7FR4M gas frying top is a large and reliable thermal equipment that will become an indispensable assistant to the cook in any professional kitchen. The floor version of this model implies its intended use for spacious workshops. The working area in the Bertos G7FR4M model is single, but quite large. The corrugated surface, warming up in just 14 minutes to 300 ° C, is optimal for cooking meat and fish. The inclined position will allow excess fat to drain through the drain hole into a sealed removable drip tray. Splash guards on the sides of the work area. The heating element in Bertos G7FR4M is a tubular burner, the power source is gas. The burner is characterized by optimized combustion and self-stabilizing fire. Ignition - piezoelectric, there is a pilot fire and a safety valve with a thermocouple. The heating power is regulated by a tap. Gas consumption - 0.74 m3/h.


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stainless steel
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