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Fish peeler Koneteollisuus Oy KT-S

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The KT-S fish sparkle from Koneteollisuus Oy is designed to remove scales from fish and greatly facilitates the work of the cook in the kitchen. After all, manual removal of scales with a knife is a difficult, long and unpleasant process. The exterior parts are from stainless steel. The working body of the machine is a flexible shaft with a four-layer protective sheath made of two steel coils and two plastic coatings. The shaft is equipped with a scale remover with special waterproof bearings. The main working element of the fish scaler is a specially designed nozzle that allows you to clean a large number of fish with minimal effort in a short time. The device is convenient to use due to the ergonomic handle, does not require special care and lasts for a long time. The products of this Finnish brand have gained popularity both in professional kitchens of gastronomic businesses and in home life.


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fish peeler
stainless steel
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