Gastronorm container GN 1/1 200mm, Altezoro Buy, price in Kosice, Bratislava, Presov, Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Gastronorm container GN 1/1 200mm, Altezoro buy

  • Brand:Altezoro
  • Product Code:11200
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You can't do without special utensils in a professional kitchen, one of the indispensable types of utensils is gastronomy container 1/1 h 200mm 11200 from the Chinese manufacturer Altezoro. This model is suitable for storage, presentation, transportation, heating of products and ready meals, and can also be used for cooking in an oven, combi steamer and other devices.

Gastroyemkost 1/1 h 200mm 11200 is made of high quality stainless steel, due to which it is suitable instead of a baking dish or a baking sheet. The dimensions of this model are 53 * 32.5 * 20 cm, with the dimensions of the baking sheet - GN1 / 1. The kit comes with a convenient lid that ensures the safety of heat and aromas inside the container. High quality steel guarantees durability and wear resistance.


Type of equipment
Gastronorm containers
Stainless steel
The size, mm
Tray dimensions

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