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Gastronorm container GN 1\1 h 65mm Altezoro

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Specialized equipment and utensils are indispensable items in a professional kitchen. The quality of the prepared dishes depends not only on the experience of the cooks, but also on the equipment of their workplace. Gastronorm container 1/1 h 65mm 11065 from the Chinese company Altezoro is useful both in the cooking process and for serving, transporting or storing food.

The kit includes a lid of the appropriate size, which will ensure the preservation of heat inside the container and significantly reduce the cooling time of the dish. Gastronorm container 1/1 h 65mm 11065 can serve as a replacement for a baking sheet or a baking dish, if necessary, such a container is used for baking, frying and stewing in ovens, combi steamers, convection ovens, etc. The size of the baking tray is standard - CN 1/1, the size of the container is 530 * 325 * 65 mm.

Gastronorm containers are made of high-quality material - stainless steel, which significantly increases the service life and wear resistance. The container is easy to clean, the use of a dishwasher and detergents is allowed.


Type of equipment
Gastronorm containers
Stainless steel
The size, mm
Tray dimensions
Surface type
Not perforated

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