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Gastronorm containers GN 2\3 h 20mm Altezoro

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Stainless steel gastronorm container GN 2/3 (354x325mm) h-20mm 23020

Production China

Gastronorm containers are containers that are used when working with food. There are gastronorm containers made of stainless steel, as well as gastronorm containers made of impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Gastronorm containers can be used for the following purposes: - food can be stored in them; - they are used for storage and demonstration of a food product on a show-window; - they are also used for baking, for example, pies instead of a baking sheet; - in them it is possible to make transportation of ready meals.

As a rule, gastronorm containers have standard sizes that allow them to be placed in refrigerators, ovens and other types of equipment.

The container can have a lid, which will save you from having to use cling film to cover the food stored in it.


Type of equipment
Gastronorm containers
Stainless steel
The size, mm
Tray dimensions
Surface type
Not perforated

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