Professional electric waffle maker Gofra KZ-DV-1 Buy, price in Kosice, Bratislava, Presov, Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Professional electric waffle maker Gofra KZ-NL-1

  • Brand:Altezoro
  • Product Code:KZ-NL-1
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Professional electric waffle maker Gofra KZ-NL-1 is an ideal tool for restaurant and bakery owners who want to offer their customers fresh and tasty waffles. It allows you to easily produce your own waffles with a diameter of 18 cm and twist them into a characteristic conical form.

The waffle maker is compact and portable, and the CE certificate guarantees its safety and quality. The temperature can be set between 50-300°C, depending on what kind of waffle you wish to bake. With the timer you can easily track the baking time and ensure that your waffles are perfectly baked!


Weight, kg
power, kWt
Supply voltage, V
The size, mm
25 x 32 x 26 cm
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