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Spiral Mixer 100L HWH 50 Altezoro

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  • Product Code:HWH 50
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Dough mixing machine Altezoro HWH 50 is designed for kneading hard dumplings, dough for lavash, manti, chebureks, prosphora, dryers, bagels. It can also be used in cafes, canteens for mixing various sauces and fillings, in confectionery shops of small and medium capacity when preparing dough for choux pastry, sugar cookies, and even for lamb products. The testomes works from a network 380B. It has a powerful industrial electric motor. Simple and reliable mixer design - it is easy to maintain and clean. The presence of a tight lid prevents the "spray" of flour during kneading. Dough durability. The body is made of thick steel with a special coating. The dough mixer drive and mixing container do not require maintenance during the entire period of operation. Low noise level during dough mixer operation. The optimally chosen shape of the working kneading body allows you to carefully knead any dough, preserving its taste and aroma. The movement of the working body imitates the movement of the baker's hands. High productivity, with a kneading time of 8-10 minutes, you can make up to 900 kg of finished dough per hour of work.


Net weight, kg
Type of equipment
hard dough mixer
Loading, kg
Source of power
stainless steel
power, kWt
Supply voltage, V
Volume, l
900 kg/h
The size, mm
Speed, rpm
Producing country

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