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The Remidag brand has long been synonymous with professional equipment and high quality. Founded in 1999, this company has earned a reputation in the international market with a series of professional equipment for bars and restaurants, which is produced on 2.600 sq.m. industrial premises. Remida offers its customers a wide range of accessories and professional devices in which every detail is calculated, because the people who work with them every day depend on these devices.

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Blender professional Remidag FR-B1 P1

The professional blender Remidag FR-B1 P1 is an excellent choice of equipment for bars, cafes and re..
335.00 €
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Blender Remidag FR-B1 X1

Professional blenders from the Italian company Remidag are an excellent choice of equipment for bars..
320.00 €
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Milkshake mixer Remidag FN A-2 IL

Blender Remidag FN A-2 IL is suitable for mixing cocktails, making cream, kneading dough or making t..
337.00 €
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Milkshake mixer Remidag FN A-2 IM

The mixer from the famous Italian brand Remidag, which develops and manufactures professional equipm..
327.00 €
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Milkshake mixer Remidag FN-A1 PL

The material of the transparent container is polycarbonate. Remidag FN-A1 PL mixers have a robust al..
217.00 €
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Professional citrus juicer SP-M1-EN Remidag

Citrus juicer Remidag SP-M1 EN. The design of the juicer includes a removable sieve with a centrifug..
199.00 €
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Professional citrus juicer SP-M1-LU Remidag

For more than 10 years of work in the professional bar equipment market, the Italian company Remidag..
299.00 €