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Planetary mixer professional 7L AlteZoro XVFM7B

450.00 €
In Stock

Slicer 250 AFP ESSEDUE

443.00 €
In Stock

Vegetable cutter Sammic CA-301

999.00 €
In Stock

Pizza oven EMP 4+4 Altezoro

999.00 €
In Stock

Refrigerated table SL 03 NX Tecnodom

1,687.00 €
In Stock

Ice maker Aristarco CP 20.6 A

799.00 €
In Stock

Freezer AF 07 EKO MBT Tecnodom, 1 door

1,562.00 €
In Stock

Convection oven Tecnoeka MKF 1064 S

4,280.00 €

Professional kitchen equipment for bars, bakeries, restaurants and supermarkets

Professional kitchen equipment for bars, bakeries, restaurants and supermarkets

The Altezoro company offers professional equipment for equipping catering establishments, restaurants, fast-food outlets, canteens, cafes, bars.

We supply all equipment for restaurants, cafes and equipment for pizzerias from our partners - the world's best brands, which allows us to offer customers a manufacturer's warranty and favorable product prices. We offer a wide range of modern mechanical, thermal and refrigeration equipment, allowing you to create an uninterrupted chain from production to the dining room.

A distinctive feature of the online store of the Altezoro company is the ability to view current prices and the actual availability of goods in warehouses, as well as the ability to independently order the required goods.

Online store of professional kitchen equipment for restaurants

The first thing visitors notice is the interior. The more successful the interior, the higher the efficiency of the entire institution. Specially trained people should be engaged in interior design, only an experienced designer will be able to organize a fine line between all accessories and color schemes so that guests want not only to stay here, but also to appreciate the quality of the dishes.

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of some moments on the success of public catering enterprises. Everything is important here - from the quality of service to the color of the carpet, without exaggeration. Factors that form the profitability of the institution:

the original concept of the institution and the successful implementation of the idea;

convenient, colorful and interestingly designed menu;

qualified staff capable of satisfying the most demanding guest;

the location of the institution;

complete set of personnel workplace - availability of all necessary equipment.

All these criteria together make up the degree of success of the institution, but only the last point can ensure the speed and quality of service. Therefore, it is so important to buy high-quality and professional equipment in advance when planning to open a new catering establishment. Regardless of the level of the institution, a complete set of kitchen and bar is required, both for a small cafeteria and for a chic restaurant.

To do this, you can contact Altezoro, here you can count on the widest selection of professional kitchen equipment in the country:

refrigerators and freezers;

thermal equipment;

bar machines;

electromechanical devices;

equipment for fast food outlets and more.

Altezoro provides high-quality equipment from trusted global manufacturers. Here affordable prices, brand lines and qualified service.

Catering equipment catalog

Given the wide range of activities of restaurants and cafes, they require a complete set of equipment. That is, unlike highly specialized establishments, such as an ice cream parlor or a bakery, restaurants serve a variety of dishes - from appetizers to salads, from desserts to first courses.

Altezoro provides a complete range of professional kitchen and bar equipment. Being engaged in the supply of equipment in Ukraine for many years, this company has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier with whom you can establish long-term cooperation. Here you can buy equipment for:

hot shop;

cold shop;

cooking side dishes, snacks, pastries;

storage and washing of dishes;

washing, ironing, storing uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

In "Altezoro" you can find literally everything, there is a huge selection of professional devices from the best world brands. If you want to buy equipment for a restaurant, rely on the great experience of this company. In addition to the general range, the company offers a wide range of specialized equipment, for example:

professional plates;

refrigerators and freezers;

combi steamers;

meat grinders;

bakery equipment such as proofers;

showcases and food warmers;

convection ovens;


special pizza ovens;

mixers, dough mixers, dough rolling machines and much more.

Equally important are auxiliary equipment such as dishwashers and washing machines. Manual washing is not only an extremely time-consuming and energy-intensive process, but also cannot ensure the proper level of cleanliness of dishes. A professional dishwasher also significantly reduces the consumption of detergents, water and electricity, helping to reduce costs. This is typical for any equipment, because the main goal of manufacturers of devices for the catering industry is to optimize the workflow and increase the profitability of the enterprise.

Additional types of equipment for catering establishments, which you can buy at Altezoro:


line of distribution and self-service;

washing machines;

distribution tables;


showcases and counters.

Globally, Altezoro equipment is presented in Kosice, Slovakia.

Equipment for bars and fast food outlets

The preparation of drinks and light snacks also requires not only experienced staff, but also special equipment:

coffee machines;

ice generators;


ice crushers;

refrigerated cabinets;

bar tables and chairs;


mixers, blenders, shakers.

The Altezoro company provides an opportunity to buy everything you need for the bar area, fully staffing the workplace of the staff. There is also a large selection of equipment to ensure the workflow at fast food outlets. Here you can buy a grill for chickens, shish kebabs, deep fryers and pancake makers, electric ovens and frying surfaces. The site of the Altezoro online store presents a huge number of models of any of the listed categories of devices, so you can choose both a budget option and the maximum configuration.