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Electric vegetable cutter CL60 Robot Coupe with lever (France)

The Robot Coupe CL60 electric vegetable cutter is used to work in conditions of increased operation ..
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Vegetable cutter Sammic CA-301

Quality vegetable cutter Sammic CA-301 copes with the task with just one movement. Only high quality..
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Vegetable cutter Sammic CA-401

The Spanish vegetable cutter Sammic CA-401 features a side distribution blade, which allows you to e..
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Industrial vegetable cutter from the manufacturer

It is difficult for the human body to do without vegetables and fruits, thanks to which the supply of vitamins is replenished. In the same way, it is difficult to do without a vegetable cutter on the farm, especially considering that fruits and vegetables in our latitudes must be harvested for the winter in order to always have them on the table and not lack vitamins.

The electric vegetable cutter has proven itself perfectly both in the professional kitchen and in the household. This equipment helps to process a huge amount of vegetables and fruits in a short period of time, namely: cut them, chop them, grind them thoroughly.

This unit is good because, if desired, you can replace one cutting disc with another and eventually get french fries, for example, or vegetables cut into long strips, cubes.

In addition, some vegetable cutters are used for cutting raw and cooked vegetables, which is very convenient when preparing salads in a professional kitchen. In addition, you can use it to cut different types of cheese, nuts or grate chocolate. So, sooner or later, to speed up the work of restaurants, large cafes and catering establishments, you will definitely need a Fimar, Altezoro, Robot Coupe vegetable cutter, which you can buy right now in our online store.

 The price of the product corresponds to its quality and depends not only on the main characteristics of the vegetable cutter and its capabilities, but also on the configuration. Please note that some machines are sold with a mashed potato kit, with or without a set of knives. Also, please note that the body of the machine can be made of various materials: aluminum, stainless steel, plastic. This affects the appearance and durability of the unit, its reliability.

If you find it difficult to choose the equipment yourself, it does not matter. Our qualified specialists will help you in this matter, quickly and efficiently inform you, and be able to give valuable advice.

How to choose and buy an industrial vegetable cutter?

Professional vegetable cutters are easy to install and disassemble, and cleaning itself is also easy and simple. With so many different types of food and vegetable grinders on the market, you need to know which one to use for which purpose in order to fully enjoy their benefits. Based on this, it is important to understand what to look for when buying the best vegetable chopper, and what functions are considered the main ones:

Versatility. You already know that the Slovakia market offers to buy vegetable cutters in many different types, but this does not mean that you need to have all these different types in your kitchen. That's why most customers want to choose versatile food and vegetable shredders. The smart shopper will find a model that doesn't just grind nuts, but cuts vegetables to the perfect size.

Ease of use and cleaning. Yes, there are those electric vegetable cutters for the home that are difficult to use. This means that assembly, operation and cleaning of these units is difficult. Electric shredders are a bit difficult to use, while manual ones are not. But there are also advantages that an electric shredder provides, which makes it the most popular.

Most manual vegetable choppers come in two models: the first typically includes an oscillating arm with cross blades, so the vegetables are diced when the arm is lowered. Other, slightly more sophisticated models could function more like a food processor, using a ripcord or hand crank.

Swing models have the ability to create perfect, uniform cubes, while processor models are better suited for minced meat for coarse chops. The lack of electricity makes both types good for campers, SUVs and emergency kits.

Electric vegetable cutters must be connected to a power source and provide convenience and safety. Relying on powered blades, shredding can be done hands-free with many options, making them a good choice for people with arthritis or hand problems that can make manual control difficult. In addition, electric vegetable cutters ensure that hands cannot get close to the blades, which means that even small children can help with this process (with the help of an adult, of course).

As soon as you realized that you can’t do without a vegetable cutter on the farm, the question immediately arose: “But how to choose and buy a vegetable cutter?”. There are several nuances in this matter.

Firstly, it is important to know the desired dimensions of the unit, think in advance where you will put the equipment, and whether it will be convenient enough to work with it in this position.

Secondly, you need to understand that there is more powerful equipment that is intended for professional use - these are electric industrial vegetable cutters, and there is another, less powerful one - for the home.

The power of industrial equipment can reach 0.75kW/220W. For powerful units, for example, such as Robot Coupe CL50E and CL52D, the productivity reaches 250 - 300 kg / h. If you like one of them, and you decide to buy such a vegetable cutter to use it all the time in a professional kitchen, then you should know that it will easily withstand prolonged loads and will be a reliable assistant. It can cut and grate both raw and boiled vegetables, it is multifunctional and efficient in work, despite its small size.

Electric vegetable cutters for the home are usually not used as often as professional ones, they are mostly loaded in the summer and during the harvesting of vegetables and fruits. At home, it is enough to have a unit with a capacity of 40-80 kg / h and a power of up to 0.5 kW. Our store presents this type of goods from Fimar, Robot Coupe, Altezoro. With us you can easily, without problems, buy electric vegetable cutters for the home, as well as discs for them.

Thirdly, decide what functions to perform should be native to your machine. Do you need a slicer, a mashed potato kit, or is a julienned and diced disc enough? It is possible that you plan to use the unit only for raw vegetables, or for a wider use: grating nuts and chocolate, chopping cheese. If you think about these nuances, then the choice of equipment will be easy and enjoyable.

Purpose and scope of electric vegetable cutter

The vegetable cutter is intended for cutting of boiled and crude vegetables, root crops and fruit. She cuts the product into slices, cubes or columns. A vegetable cutter is necessary in any kitchen, because vegetables are part of all categories of dishes - salads, appetizers, first and second courses, side dishes, and chopped fruits are used in desserts.

Vegetable cutters are professional equipment, so they are designed for constant intensive use. To ensure a consistently high quality of work, vegetable cutters are made especially durable and productive. If you follow the operating conditions, this machine will serve you for many years.

The use of a vegetable cutter will replace the work of several people, while cutting will always be done flawlessly and quickly. The speed of its work allows chefs to prepare the maximum number of dishes in record time.

The economic benefits of using a vegetable cutter are obvious - you automate work that would require the effort of several people, you speed up the cooking process while increasing their quality. With daily use for several hours, the vegetable cutter will pay for itself in six months.