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Cotton candy machine Profi bowl 52 cm

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Cotton candy machine Profi bowl 72 cm

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Cotton candy machines

Cotton candy is a dessert that few people remain indifferent to. The recognizable smell immediately reminds of childhood, and any person is in a hurry to enjoy cotton candy and indulge in nostalgia. It is profitable to buy a cotton candy machine and organize an “island of memories” in a park or shopping center, there will definitely be no end to buyers! On our site you can choose machines for cotton candy for any budget.

The principle of operation of cotton candy machines

It is extremely easy to work with such devices, they do not require special training and long training. The production of airy sweetness takes place in a certain sequence.

Switching on and heating the device. After the device heats up, turn it off and load the ingredient. To prepare one small portion, one teaspoon of sugar is required, it is placed in a special container, and then the device does its job on its own.

The cotton candy machine is turned on again, the sugar threads begin to rotate more often, and the operator only has to substitute the stick and start winding them.

The cooking process is extremely simple, the trick is to use high-quality equipment. This is especially important with a large flow of customers, when the cotton candy machine works without interruption. Our store offers exclusively high-quality products from trusted manufacturers of the professional segment.

What are cotton candy machines

Cotton candy machines are gas and electric. The second option is more compact and safer. In our store, there are tabletop models or with wheeled trolleys that provide increased mobility. Such a device is always made in bright colors, which will not leave you without the attention of kids and their parents.

Some cotton candy machines are additionally equipped with shelves for sugar and sticks, and also have containers inside to accommodate the operator's personal belongings. The average weight of the trolley is 20-25 kg, but the more powerful the device, the more voluminous it is, and therefore heavier. We recommend buying a cotton candy machine that will fully satisfy the needs of your target audience and your personal goals. Depending on the task, you can buy both a mobile trolley and a stationary device. Power has nothing to do with it. In the summer, the production of cotton candy is an interesting and profitable activity that even a novice cook can handle!

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